Glum No More!: Gromenkova Wins Event 15

Svetlana Gromenkova
Svetlana Gromenkova wins Event 15 at the 2008 WSOP

Svetlana Gromenkova came to the final table of Event 15 with an accomplished poker resume that included a final-table appearance at the United States Poker Championship in 2007 and numerous other cashes.

Therefore many were not surprised when she put in a stunning performance at the final table, knocking out a number of her opponents. Gromenkova then withstood two bad beats in heads-up play against Anh Le to claim her first WSOP bracelet. spoke with Gromenkova shortly after her big win.

First of all Svetlana, we know you've made a number of final tables but haven't been able book a major win. Is this final-table victory a huge relief to you?

Yes. I was looking forward to getting my first bracelet.

How long have you been in the U.S.?

I've been here about six years.

Where did you come from?

Russia. Near Moscow.

What was going through your head when Anh Le managed to suck out with A-5 versus your A-K?

Honestly I thought that maybe it was not meant to be. She gave me bad beats twice at the final table so I was very happy that I won eventually. I was a little bit down after that hand.

How did you adjust your game after taking that beat?

Well, I did a quick chip count and I realized that it wasn't over, and decided to fight back as hard as I could. The rest was pretty much luck.

You obviously play a great deal of open events where you are mostly playing against men. How does this event compare?

It's really weird. You have some good players and some beginners so it's hard to adjust to everyone. It was hard to read people. There were a lot of good players at the final table so it was close to normal poker, like I usually play.

Which events do you prefer?

The ones that I win? [laughs] I have no preference. I like any form of poker.

Where did you learn to play poker and how long have you been playing?

I've been playing for about four years and I just learned on my own. I played online and then met a number of good friends who helped me out. It was a gradual process.

Svetlana Gromenkova likes the cowboys.

Did you always play No-Limit Hold'em?

No. I started out as a Limit player and then transferred to tournaments but I still play both.

How many more events at the WSOP are you planning on playing?

I haven't decided yet. I'll play the Main Event and probably quite a few other events.

Thanks for your time.

Thank you.


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Svetlana Gromenkova seemed to be the most deserving player at the final table of Event 15. The skilled rounder, originally from Russia, seemed to always have the best hand and despite some bad luck was able to maintain her composure. Notwithstanding some bad beats along the way, she managed to pull off the big win. Congratulations to her, and to all the other women who took part in Event 15.

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Mike Thompson 2009-04-05 21:51:00

Congratulations Svetlana!!!

Not only a great player but SMOKEN HOT!!!

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