Bunny Bites Back: The Kara Scott Interview

PokerStars has recognized Scott's potential by sponsoring her to play poker this year.

We grabbed an exclusive interview with Kara shortly after she had finished Day 1 of the Main Event to find out how her day went and her thoughts on other poker-related matters.

Kara, after day one of the Main Event, you're sat with a formidable stack. How many chips have you got and how has it gone for you today?

Yes; I think I'm up to $97,000, which is great! Today's been absolutely incredible. It started off a little slow, then I managed to double up against Justin Bonomo, which was amazing. I hit a flop against hit, making a set. He had the nut-flush draw and I rivered quads [...] very sweet. I've just had good hand after good situation after good hand. It's bloody brilliant!!!

Although you've played a fair bit of poker, you're more used to working in the media, most notably as the EPT hostess. With so many strings to your bow, what do you actually refer to yourself as these days?

As the EPT hostess first and foremost. Being around so much poker has meant my game has really improved. It allows me to do things like this. PokerStars have been amazing; they've sponsored me into the Main Event here and they're sponsoring me into some more tournaments, both online and live, for the rest of the year, so I get the best of both worlds.

I'm very lucky.

Do you think watching some of the great players at the EPT has really helped your game improve?

Yes, I think all the way through my poker career, I've been lucky to be next to players and analysts talking about [...] every hand of a tournament and talking about different ways to play situations.

Being able to talk to the guys and interview a lot of the players, that's invaluable.

As a female player playing in the World Series, do you find that some of the players, especially male players, play differently against you because you're a woman?

In some of the Caesars tournaments I've played, I'd say that was the case, but here at the Series I haven't found that at all. In some of those other tournaments, I've found some of the guys were being really soft on me; things like not value betting hands on the river when they could get paid, laying big hands down to me, even tapping the table as they fold to let me know they had a big hand; but here at the World Series ... not at all.

What's your opinion on women-only events? Do you think these are worthwhile events in the tournament schedule?

It's a hard one really. I came sixth in the World Women's Open so I cashed from one of them, so I can't say they're a bad idea. I don't know; it's a tough question!

Just to change tack for a moment, I know in San Remo, you were forced to wear a bunny costume and parade around the media room in front of the press. Can you tell us more about that story?

Kara Scott
Kara dressed as a bunny in San Remo!

I made a bet with Chris Tessaro from Hardcore Poker Radio that I would cash in the Warsaw EPT, which was a bad bet on my part, and I was supposed to dress in a bunny suit if I lost.

So when I didn't cash I thought it would be funny if I turned up in a rabbit suit and actually we have the same prop bet here.

If he doesn't cash in the Main Event, he has to wear a bunny suit, so I have to find him!

Is he playing today or on another day?

I don't know. I need to find him so I can find out how my bet's doing!

So he might have already hopped away?

Yes, he might very well have run away like a scared little rabbit.

So you've got lots of chips; you're going to come into Day 2 in a good position. How are you going to prepare for that?

I'm going to talk to a lot of poker players, get a lot of rest and drink a lot of water.

It is Vegas so it's difficult but I'm going to try and be sensible!

That sounds really boring. I think you should go to a strip club and blow loads of cash the night before.

I've done that. It's probably a bad idea, but you never know what might happen!

Well, you're in an enviable position at the moment and it would be great to see you bring it home, so the best of luck to you Kara.

Thank you!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Kara is on her way to making a name for herself as a poker player as well as poker commentator and we wish her well on her passage through the field. Will she be the first female player to take down the Main Event? Stay tuned to PokerListings' comprehensive coverage to find out.


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Charles Kirkham 2010-03-03 02:34:25

Dear Kara,

I think you are real pretty. You make waking up at 1 am to watch poker after dark worth while. I hope you k a this week.


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