Glen Chorny: Leading the Grand Final

Glen Chorny
Glen Chorny on Day 4 of the EPT4 Monte Carlo Grand Final

Until the last half of the second-last day of the PokerStars EPT4 Grand Final in Monte Carlo, nobody really knew who 22-year-old Canadian university student Glen Chorny was.

Some may have seen the business and history major with just one semester left at Sir Wilfred Laurier University killing it online under an alias, but certainly no one figured he'd grab the massive chip lead in the biggest poker tournament in European history heading into the final day of play. He did finish deep in the PokerStars PCA and caught a glimpse of him there, but when play ended for the night here in Monte Carlo, we figured a little chat with the Timmins, Ontario native was in order.

How did you get your start in poker Glen?

Probably from seeing it on TV; then I figured it out on the Internet and started getting some experience and making money. I played live home games, really small, with like $50 buy-ins. I had a bankroll before I started playing on the Internet so I started playing really big on the Internet because I thought I had the skills already.

And what games were you playing right away?

I played in tournaments. Not the big Sunday tournaments right away, but $50 tournaments and $10 tournaments. Not to build my bankroll up but just to get more experience. It was not a life-changing thing right away.

What's your screen name online?

Glen Chorny
Doing it up, feature style.

On PokerStars I go under the name Choron and on Full Tilt wlustudent.

So after you gained some experience did you soon start making big money?

I was playing multi-table tournaments but then I got into playing cash games and I really started to see the profit and I enjoyed being able to sit down with a lot of blinds and see a lot of flops, which is really my style. Actually it's been hard to do that in this tournament because this has been a very competitive tournament. I've had to play a lot tighter than I want to play, but I've managed to hang on and run really good.

We haven't seen a ton of you live, but you did make 13th at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure this season and now you will go into the final day with the chip lead here in Monte Carlo. What's been the biggest difference in your game lately?

I don't know. I've been pretty much running good, deep in tournaments. Aside from the PCA where I had the chip lead with like 22 or 23 people left and then I just set up. I would raise the button with K-10 and the small blind would flop top set on me. Good stuff but that's poker.

Glen Chorny
Caribbean adventures.

Believe me; I was never so depressed as the night I took 13th in that tournament. I was the most depressed person in the world. I wasn't crying or anything but I was upset and angry and frustrated to no end with poker.

But things have turned around here in Monte Carlo. Has there been a bunch of big hands along the way that put you in this position or rather a steady climb?

Actually, my style is really more geared toward the steady climb. I like to play a lot of flops. I like to play a lot of pots. One day I chipped up from like $35k to $115k. I've been patient and I've been taking advantage enough. I've been using the image. People think I'm loose and maybe I'll get a setup hand. I did lose a huge $220k pot on Day 2 - I got it in with jacks against an ace-high flush draw and he rivered the flush. I had like $90k behind, so whatever; move on.

You started the day just another name out of 39 and there were some big ones like Joe Hachem and Antonio Esfandiari still in it. Now is talking to you as the chip leader and not one of them. Did you just pick up a lot of cards or play your best game?

I definitely played my best game. I picked up some cards as well, but not really until I got to the feature table. At first I was getting the worst cards you can imagine. I must have folded the button like four or five times. My style, I'm raising the button 99% of the time with any two cards. I know this burns me chips but it makes me a lot of chips as well.

Glen Chorny
More fun in and out of the sun.

As far as the field goes I do feel that I am one of the top players in the field based on my cash-game experience on the Internet. I am very confident. I think my thought process is rated at the top of the world for being able to think through hands and how to bet at the right time and the right amounts. It's a crazy chaotic mind up here and that's what any poker player will tell you - organized chaos.

You will come into tomorrow as the favorite with the big stack. How do you plan on handling that?

I will probably play decently tight until we make the final table. Unless I pick up some big hands and then I'll play. I won't play ridiculously, but I won't play ridiculously tight either. I'll play aggressive in late position. I love to play in position.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Glen certainly doesn't lack confidence and if we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: confidence is key. He'll head into the final 10 tomorrow with more than confidence, however - he's got chips, and that is an even bigger factor. But no matter how it plays out, is betting these two deep finishes on the EPT this year are the start of something big for Chorny.

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