Chiu on THAT - David Chiu Wins WPT World Championship!

David Chiu
David Chiu, WPT World Championship - Day 6, World Poker Tour Season 6

David Chiu played the perfect game at the final table of the 2008 WPT World Championship Event.

He stayed out of the way while Gus Hansen crushed the competition and then seized the opportunity when Hansen faltered in heads-up play. Hansen was undoubtedly the favorite and it looked like the WPT's three-time title holder would be adding another trophy to the cabinet.

No one could have predicted that it would be the other Full Tilt Pro who would take down the gargantuan prize for first place. chatted with Chiu moments after toasting his victory with Mike Sexton, Layla Kaleigh and the gang.

First of all David, you've accomplished so much in poker and now you have this massive victory here at Bellagio; how does this rank in the highlights of your poker career?

This is best win so far. I have four WSOP bracelets and a Tournament of Champions title but this one is the best I've had so far.

David Chiu
He Chiu's, he scores!

What was your strategy heading into the final table?

My strategy was to let Gus [Hansen] do all the hard work and knock everybody else out and I would just play heads-up with him. I was thinking that if I placed second or third there was still some good money to be had.

What do you think was the most important hand you played tonight?

I would say the last hand [laughs]. With all the money on the line I can't think of a more important hand.

What were you thinking as that hand played out?

Well, when he moved all-in on me on the turn I knew he had me, but I did have some outs. I also took into account the fact if I lost the hand I still had $3 million left to play with and with the structure being so slow I felt like I could grind it out like I did before.

Gus Hansen
You Chiu's, you lose.

What do you think of Hansen's game?

I think he is a great player and a gentleman. I've known him for almost 10 years and he's a very nice guy. We used to play low-limit together although now he plays at the sky-high stakes. Guess what though? I'm going to be playing a little higher now.

Other than playing higher stakes do you have any plans for the money you just won?

First of all there some people that had a piece of me and I'm going to pay them of course. I'm also just going to take it easy for a while. I am a poker player, however, and I will continue to play WPTs and WSOP. I will travel around the world to play the big events.

David Chiu
How you like me now!

I'm assuming you will play the WSOP this summer; how many events do you think you'll play?

If I could, I'd play every single event because I need to catch up with Phil Hellmuth. He's got 11 and I only have four so I've got seven to go.

Thank you so much for your time, David; congratulations on your big win.

Thank you.




David Chiu is a veteran player who has flown under the radar for most of his poker career. With this epic victory it's going to be tough to ignore the savvy rounder any longer. would like to congratulate Chiu and all the winners during Season 6 of the World Poker Tour. We'll see you all next year!

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