Ian Johns - Mr. 100 Percent

Ian Johns Takes the Bracelet
Ian Johns Takes the Bracelet in the $3,000 Limit Hold'em Event

Ian Johns is poker's "Mr. 100 Percent." He's played in one World Series of Poker event and won one. The 21-year-old from Seatac, Wash., defeated 340 opponents in the $3,000 Limit Hold'em event to win $291,755 and a gold bracelet. Now he has his hopes set on a couple of No-Limit Hold'em tournaments, and the Main Event.

How do you feel after winning a bracelet?

I don't know what to feel like - it's just crazy. I had no real big expectations coming in. I mean, I know I can play Limit Hold'em well, and I was going to try my best, and the next thing you know, I have all the chips.

What was your strategy?

I tried to play very aggressively. I didn't want to give any chips away. I know that in tournaments a lot of people are playing really timid because they don't want to lose their chips, so I tried to take advantage of that. I got on a really good run in the middle stages of the final table because they were playing very tight, and I didn't have to show a lot of hands, so I won a lot of chips.

The strategy worked well for you?

It seemed to work very well. They were folding a lot of the time and I made a few hands at some crucial times, and the next thing you know, there I am.

It was a pretty quick final table?

Yes, we were playing really big limits. I only had about 20 big bets coming in, and that's not very much in Limit Hold'em. As the limits increase, there is just not a lot to play at, and I happened to get lucky.

Heads-Up Play

What about the heads-up match against Jerrod Ankenman?

We were even when heads-up started, and the next thing you know he is making every hand, and he is playing really well. At one point I was all-in with ace-king. There was a king on the board, and he had a pair and a flush draw but missed. I made a straight in the very next hand when he made a lower straight and I won a huge pot there. After that I was very confident.

What do you think about Ankenman's game?

He is an excellent player. He's writing a book on poker, and it just doesn't get much tougher than that. It was a tough field in general. It was not an easy final table at all. Lots of very good Limit Hold'em players.

Jerrod Ankenman

Is this the biggest win of your career?

Yes, this is the biggest win of my career by far.

Can you tell us about your background in poker?

I started playing online, but now I'm getting more into live games. I've had a few big scores. I won $70,000 in a tournament online once, and I play a lot of cash games - $100/$200 online, $200/$400 live, maybe a little $300/$600, and maybe I'll move up from there.

What about the rest of the World Series?

I plan to play tomorrow, I've entered through PokerStars.com, $1,500 No-Limit, Friday's $2,000 No-Limit I'm in through PokerStars.com, and I'm in the Main Event through PokerStars.com, so I have a few more opportunities.

Have you played many WSOP events before this one?

This is the first World Series event I have ever played, so I'm one for one.

How will you celebrate?

I don't know what we are going to do. Me and my wife will be going back to the Bellagio where we are staying, and we will probably hang out with our friends and have a good time.

Thank you very much. Congratulations.

Thank you.

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