Player freerolls to his biggest win at Pacific

The Prize Money

There are 5,000 reasons each month to be a player at Pacific Poker, and jimmy44 can now tell you how good those reasons really are.

As the latest winner of the monthly $5,000 freeroll for players at Pacific Poker, jimmy44 picked up his biggest poker win to date. Previously he'd pulled in a $1,000 win at a multi-table tournament, whereas his freeroll win put $1,500 in his bankroll.

All it took for him to earn a spot in the freeroll was to accumulate 20 points during the previous month before the freeroll.

That was a cinch for jimmy44 as he visits Pacific Poker a few times per month to play $100 No-Limit and some freeroll multi-table tournaments.

"I like [Pacific Poker] quite a lot," he said. "The software could be ... improved [a bit], but it has a good mixture of players (i.e. very loose) that suit my game."

The Brussels, Belgium native estimates he plays poker about eight hours a week, however, and he's been at it for about two years.

"Up until two years ago, I had only played Five-Card Draw poker with my cousins when I was 10," jimmy44 said. "Then a bunch of friends asked me if I would like to spend one evening playing Texas Hold'em, and I said yes. Since then I've been playing Texas Hold'em No-Limit."

Jimmy44, who works as an IT project manager for his day job, seems to have built some pretty good poker skills in those two years. Perhaps some of that comes from checking out, where he also signed up to play at Pacific Poker.

"I visit PokerListings very often, at least once per day," jimmy44 said. "The [Question of the Day] is very interesting, and it's also very nice to know the cash-game traffic at any moment. Furthermore, it has some nice poker strategy pages."

Those strategy tips came in handy for the monthly Pacific Poker freeroll.

"The freeroll playing field was OK (in a freeroll, the play is never very hard)," he said. "I was lucky to win some all-ins. I won because I was very aggressive when we were down to five players. The rest of the players started to be too tight. You should never do that at the end of a tourney."

According to jimmy44, on the final hand he looked down to find 3-2 of spades. He was on the button with 145,000 in chips with the blinds at $750/$1,500.

"I raised $4,500, and my opponent called in the big blind," jimmy44 said.

The flop came 6 5 8, giving jimmy44 the possibility of an inside straight and a flush draw.

His opponent, Kiguro2 from Italy, bet out $6,000, and jimmy44 flat-called.

"I could have pushed on the turn, but I had been pushing him around before, so I decided to simply call as I had position," jimmy44 said.

The turn brought the four of diamonds, filling jimmy44's straight. Kiguro2 bet $9,000 and jimmy44 pushed all-in and got a call.

Kiguro2 showed 7-6 (no spades), giving him the higher straight, but the turn brought the king of spades to give jimmy44 the flush and the win.

When asked what he plans to do with his newfound $1,500, jimmy 44 said, "I will take part of it to my bankroll so that I can play $200 NL, and the rest I'll withdraw to buy some gifts for my family."

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