Online player wins 2008 Late Night Poker

Big stacks are good

During the grand final broadcast Tuesday night of the PartyPoker Late Night Poker the viewers of Channel 4 in the United Kingdom got to witness 36-year-old Andreas Jorbeck defeat a final table full of pros to win the 2008 series.

Jorbeck, from Stockholm, Sweden, won his seat in the tournament through an online satellite at Joe Beevers, Liam Flood, Rene Mouritsen, Agnieszka Rylik and David Ulliott. Conquering Heat 5 earned Jorbeck a seat at the grand final.

When the grand final began, Jorbeck was probably not favored to win, but it didn't take long for him to start making his mark on the table.

Andy Black took out the first player, banishing British pro Maria Demetriou to the rail when his pocket kings held up against her pocket queens. Black then took out Ian Frazer as well with A-K against A-T, and a king on the flop paired up Black.

Then Jorbeck stepped in to start doing some damage of his own. Eddy Scharf was all-in with A-Q against Jorbeck's T-9, and a nine on the river sealed Scharf's fate.

Roland de Wolfe also stepped up the action, taking out David Tighe and then Surindar Sunar, leaving just de Wolfe, Jorbeck and Black at the table.

Despite a dominating start, Black was the next out after Jorbeck crippled him with a set of jacks against his A-2. He was all-in next hand with his big blind and couldn't find a hand to back him up.

That left Jorbeck and de Wolfe to battle heads-up in a match that looked like a lock for de Wolfe. He was running well, but then went card-dead toward the end of the match, and Jorbeck claimed the win.

"Roland played really well throughout but I started to relax and adopt a more aggressive approach when we were three handed," said Jörbeck.

During heads-up the balance of power swung a number of times before Jörbeck 's A-T took down de Wolfe's K-3. The flop came down AA-K and the Swede's set gave him victory.

"I really, really fancied this, but in the end it just wasn't my day," de Wolfe said after his defeat.

The final-table results were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st Andreas Jorbeck Sweden $125,000
2nd Roland de Wolfe England $75,000
3rd Andy Black Ireland $50,000
4th Surinder Sunar England $30,000
5th David Tighe England $20,000
6th Eddy Scharf Germany $12,500
7th Ian Frazer England $10,000
8th Maria Demetriou England $7,500

"Andreas' achievement is huge when you consider that every other player at that final table was an aggressive pro, and that he was the only online qualifier who made the final," said a PartyPoker spokesman. "Credit must also go to Roland de Wolfe - finishing runner-up in Late Night Poker and the Premier League is very impressive."

Jorbeck is a telecom business development manager back in Stockholm. Despite winning this event, he doesn't see himself turning poker into a profession.

"I am not a big player so have no huge plans on the horizon; poker is just a hobby. I will use some of my prize money on a bankroll but will invest the majority in stocks and shares," Jorbeck said. "My strategy throughout the tournament was to sit back, keep out of trouble and loosen up and try and relax when we were shorthanded. If possible, I would get others to do the dirty work for me and get involved in lots of hands. I was so surprised to even get through my heat considering I was up against the likes of the Devilfish and Joe Beevers."

This won't be the last of Jorbeck on the live tournament circuit, though. He also won a seat in the PartyPoker Million VI on the PartyPoker site and will be setting sail on the cruise in May.

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