Louisiana Contemplates Legalizing Online Poker

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Louisiana is the latest state to express interest in legalizing online poker.

Rep. Mike Huval has asked the state’s house committee to perform a study that will examine the option of legalizing online poker and gambling Louisiana.

”Louisiana has the potential to benefit economically by legalizing Internet gaming,” said Huval in his proposal statement.

Huval argued that online gambling could potentially bring millions in revenue to the state and provide a safer environment for Louisiana residents to gamble.

The study that Huval requested would delve into the “feasibility and practicality” of offering online gambling in Louisiana.

There may be a bit of a wait for legal online poker in Louisiana, however, as the study won’t be submitted until next year.

Louisiana Could Become Fourth State to Allow Online Gambling

Louisiana would hardly be the only state to legalize online gambling as Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have all passed legislation that permits Internet gambling.

There is even talk of forming interstate online compacts to share player pools across the United States.

In fact this week the state of Nevada announced it was soliciting comments from the general public on how to approach interstate agreements for online gambling.

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