Ladbrokes Poker sponsors Jonas Danielsson

Jonas Danielsson

Ladbrokes Poker recently announced that it had signed Swedish high-stakes poker pro Jonas Danielsson.

Danielsson, who plays online as Nebuchad, has won more than $3 million playing online poker and was awarded best online player at the Scandinavian Poker Awards in Copenhagen this year. He's also had a stellar 2008 World Series of Poker, cashing in three events.

"It goes without saying that we wanted him in our stable of sponsored players," said Edward Ihre, Ladbrokes Poker marketing director. "Jonas started his career by playing our free tournaments and has developed into one of the most formidable online players."

Danielsson was born in Stromstad and has been playing poker throughout his life. Five years ago he moved to Uppsala to study technical physics, but his love of poker took over and he has been focusing on his game instead.

Some of his accomplishments include winning more than $150,000 in The Legends Reunion, a high-stakes game at Ladbrokes Poker in November 2007.

"It's a really satisfying feeling to finally become a part of Team Ladbrokes; it is where I've played poker all of my 'poker life,'" Danielsson said. "The competitive poker that is offered at Ladbrokes has developed my game into what it is today."

Danielsson will get a chance to show off those skills in the upcoming Ladbrokes Poker Million VII as well. He is one of the many poker pros lined up to play in the popular televised poker competition.

The seat drawing for the first heat of the Ladbrokes Poker Million VII is:

1 Abi Titmuss (model/actress)   1 Celebrity winner
2 TBC   2 Jonas Danielsson
3 Charlie Condou   3 Deborah Rogers
4 Danny Cipriani (rugby player)   4 Neil Channing
5 Steve Davis (snooker champion)   5 Dave Gregory
6 TBC   6 Thomas Bihl
1 Andreas Hoivold   1 Pasi Heinenan
2 Donnacha O'Dea   2 Julian Gardener
3 Steve Jelinek   3 June Leaderboard Winner
4 Ben Grundy   4 Annie Duke
5 Barny Boatman   5 Ross Boatman
6 Simon Zach   6 Nathan Lee
1 Morten Erlandsen   1 Paddy O'Connor
2 Ken Wheatley   2 Marius Hogten
3 Alan Trueick   3 Jeff Kimber
4 Andy Black   4 Jennifer Tilly
5 Andrew Feldman   5 Ciaran O'Leary
6 Soren Kongsgaard   6 Richard Ashby
1 Jonas Molander   1 Nichlas Saarisilta
2 Liam Flood   2 Anthony Hardy
3 Ian Cox   3 Kevin Lanceley
4 Vicky Coren   4 Roberto Romanello
5 Phil Laak   5 Matchroom 1
6 Marc Goodwin   6 Roland De Wolfe
1 Mikael Johansson   1 Alexander Roumeliotis
2 Jon Kalmar   2 Kevin O'Connell
3 Tim Flanders   3 DTD Satellite Winner
4 Sammy George   4 Surinder Sunar
5 Harry Demetriou   5 Alex Kravchenko
6 John Tabatabai   6 Dave Ulliott
1 Michael Tureniec   1 Annette Obrestad
2 Gordon McGhee   2 Eoghan O'Dea
3 Joe Beevers   3 Stuart Fox
4 Marty Smyth   4 Tony G
5 Howard Lederer   5 Eddy Scharf
6 John Duthie   6 Theo Jorgensen
1 Thomas Tyszkiewicz      
2 Roy Brindley      
3 Paul Lecky      
4 Juha Helppi      
5 Ian Frazer      
6 TBC      

The winners of each heat will move on to the next round, and Ladbrokes is changing this up a little this year by having the players who come in second in any of the 12 heats duke it out in one of two second-chance turbo single-table tournaments for a place in the semifinals.

Meanwhile, as the Poker Million VIII contestants fight through the heats to get to the semifinal, Ladbrokes Poker will be staging tournaments for the Chase the Chair promotion that offers online players the chance to super-satellite their way into the Poker Million VII semifinal round.

Poker players can get in on the action with one of 120 freerolls Ladbrokes Poker is hosting for the promotion.

"Poker Million is one of the most popular and richest televised tournaments and these exciting changes are sure to create even more of a buzz around the event," Ihre said. "As you can see from the draw we have some tables that promise to be explosive!"

The semifinal and the finals of the Poker Million VII will be broadcast live Dec. 10-12. Before that, the show will air from Sept. 9 to Dec. 9. The prize money for the event is spread as follows:

  • First: $1,000,000
  • Second: $260,000
  • Third: $175,000
  • Fourth: $130,000
  • Fifth: $100,000
  • Sixth: $75,000
  • Losing Semi-Finalists: $20,000 for 10 players

For more information about how you can get into the Ladbrokes Poker Million VII and join Nebuchad at the tables, visit Ladbrokes Poker.

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