Judah jumps into U.K. Open win

Mel Judah

London is the place to be for some of Europe's most prominent pros looking for a tournament win. After Dave Colclough won Event 2 of the National Poker League U.K. Open, Mel Judah has followed that up by winning Event 3.

With the buy-in kicked up to £1,250+£75, Event 3 saw a drop in attendance. Only 12 players turned up at the Loose Cannon Club in London to play, half of whom would make the six-person, televised final table.

That doesn't mean that making it to the first-place position was easy for Mel Judah. All 12 players were doing their best to get a piece of the £15,000 prize pool, and Judah went into the final table nearly last in the chip count.

The players who made it into the final table were:

Player Chip Count
Nick Persaud $38,700
Hermenegildas Zilys $17,325
Chris Andreas $9,725
Jody Vernon $6,700
Mel Judah $6,125
Sonny Osman $5,425

He may have been third in chips heading into the final table, but Jody Vernon was the first one to hit the rail.

Vernon made a pre-flop raise of $900 with A-J and saw Judah move all-in for $5,925 more with A-Q. After he called, the flop came K-9-4-7-10, giving neither player any help, so Judah won it with ace-high and the better kicker.

With the event only paying out the top three spots, Vernon didn't cash.

It took two hours before another player was eliminated, and again it was Judah doing the dirty work. Chris Andreas open-shoved for $6,450 pre-flop with A-10, and Judah called with pocket fives.

The flop was kind to Judah, giving him another five to add to his collection, and the turn and river brought nothing to help Andreas.

Hermenegildas Zilys was the next casualty when his Q-9 met up with Sonny Osman's pocket threes. The board of K-J-4-A-8 didn't improve either player's hand, leaving Osman's threes as the winning hand.

The first person in the money, going out in third place, was Nick Persaud. Judah claimed Persaud's chip stack after Persaud decided to make a move with the worst hand in poker, 7-2. Holding A-K, Judah wasn't intimidated by the bluff and re-raised enough to put Persaud all-in.

Not to be deterred from his bluff, Persaud called, and the flop came Q-J-2, giving him a low pair to put him in the lead. That lead wouldn't survive through the river though. The turn left his safe as a five hit the board, but a 10 on the river gave Judah the straight and all of Persaud's chips.

So it came down to the two players who had started the final table as the short stacks, but now Judah had an almost 20,000 chip advantage over Osman.

It took only 28 hands to decide the winner, as Osman got his chips in with Ac-Qh and Judah called him down with Qs-2s. The flop came Qc-Js-3h, giving them both a pair, with Osman having the better kicker.

The turn brought the spade 10, giving Judah a shot at a flush. That shot was a good one as another spade hit on the river.

The final-table results were as follows:

Place Name Prize
1st Mel Judah £7,500
2nd Sonny Osman £4,500
3rd Nick Persaud £3,000
4th Hermenegildas Zilys £0
5th Chris Andreas £0
6th Jody Vernon £0

Stay tuned to PokerListings.com for the results of Event 4 as well as those of the main event, which starts today with a £2,500+£100 buy-in and will wrap up Saturday.

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