Join Team Gus or Team Viktor to Win a Share of $40k from FTP

Team Hansen

Want to play poker on a team with Gus Hansen or Viktor Blom for a chance to win a slice of $40,000?

That’s exactly what Full Tilt Poker is putting up for grabs in its newest promotion titled simply “Team Pro.”

“With Team Pro, we’re giving 16 of our players the chance to take on and team up with two of poker’s legends,” says Sarne Lightman, Full Tilt Poker’s Head of Marketing.

“On top of battling for their team alongside their captain, they’ll also each play for a $3,000 payday.”

Players can take part in Team Gus or Team Viktor Flip freerolls on March 19 with prizepools of $5,000 but the real prize is that the top eight players from each freeroll will form a team captained by either Gus Hansen or Victor Blom.

The top eight players from each freeroll will then have a heads-up training session against Hansen or Blom with $1,000 up for grabs on March 23.

After the training session the Team Hansen and Team Blom teams will clash with every member on the winning team winning $2,000. Hansen and Blom will of course take on each other.

To learn more about the various offers on the site be sure to check out our Full Tilt Poker review.

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