Jean-Robert Bellande Report: Week 7

Jean-Robert Bellande

The game changed dramatically for poker player Jean-Robert Bellande on week seven of CBS' Survivor: China.

After weeks of being one of the most disliked players in the game Bellande suddenly gained importance as a valuable member of the old Fei Long tribe.

This week's episode began with the Fei Long tribe discussing the implications of Tribal Council. Bellande complained about the way Courtney Yates spoke about him in Tribal Council and for the first time almost everybody in his tribe was listening.

Amanda Kimmel tried to play the diplomat and told Bellande, "It's you and Courtney; it's your thing. You need to resolve it. It's not something the rest of us can do."

Todd Herzog, somewhat surprisingly, complimented Bellande on his growth and the overall improvement of his game. This in turn got Yates riled up. She couldn't stand that Kimmel and Herzog seemed to be warming up to Bellande.

"Jean-Robert is horrible to me; they suck up to him," she said. "I dislike everyone else more than Todd and Amanda. I think they mistake that for friendship."

Meanwhile at Zhan Hu Bellande's former teammate James Clement managed to find that team's immunity idol right under their noses. That means that Clement now holds two immunity idols.

Back at Fei Long Yates is still berating Bellande. Herzog begins to tire of Yates' constant complaining about Bellande.

"Right now I need numbers and Jean-Robert is one of my numbers..." explained Herzog. "Deal with it."

At the reward, tribe host Jeff Probst announced it was time for the two tribes to merge. Of course the merge came with a feast and both teams enjoyed some food. During the feast, Probst gave the new tribe a warning that the game never ends.

This perplexed Bellande who thought hard about it but found the prospect of food even more mesmerizing.

"I was trying to decide what exactly he was trying to say right here - 'The game never ends'?" he said. "I put a little thought into it but I was just so excited to eat. I honestly just couldn't wait until the first course."

Later Bellande described his strategy now that the Zhan Hu tribe had merged with his own.

"Basically this doesn't change my game plan," he said. "The members of Zhan Hu are going to go whether we are merged or not. I do like my new position in this game. To be honest even though my name was on the ballot at the last two Tribal Councils I don't see it being written down at the next one."

In the individual immunity challenge players were tested on what happened during the feast and the merged tribe's celebration.

It came down to a heads-up competition between Michael Zernow and Jaime Dugan. Zernow won the competition winning individual immunity.

Soon after the competition contestants from both tribes began wrangling to get votes directed a certain way.

Bellande took Herzog into the woods and discussed strategy with him. Bellande said their position was great and they should definitely vote off the former Zhan Hu members but then, in a surprise move, perhaps sensing betrayal in the future, threatened Herzog.

"Just so you know if anything happens to me and I get screwed over I'm going hold you, not Amanda, responsible," he said while chopping a tree down with a machete. "You will never, ever see a jury member lobby harder against a player."

Herzog, apparently not worried by Bellande, admits in a video diary that he will backstab him at a moment's notice.

The former Zhan Hu members start lobbying to vote out Bellande, feeling that he is the most disliked player on the former Fei Long tribe.

At Tribal Council Bellande decides to verbally spar with Yates once again and this time calls her the most dangerous player in the game.

Yates laughs at this and sarcastically responds, "Yeah the little blonde is the biggest threat."

At one point Clement makes fun of Bellande by suggesting a card player is no good in the wild.

In the end all the members of the former Fei Long tribe vote for Dugan which is enough to get her voted out. Dugan presents what she thinks is the immunity idol to Probst but he informs her she doesn't have it and sends her packing.

Bellande survives another Tribal Council and it looks like he will be around for some time to come, with plenty of hapless former Zhan Hu members to vote off.

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