Jean-Robert Bellande Report: Week 5

Jean-Robert Bellande

If Jean-Robert Bellande had as much luck at the poker tables as he's had on Survivor he would probably be our reigning WSOP champ.

For the fifth straight week Bellande staved off elimination despite annoying the crap out of everybody at his camp.

This week's edition of Survivor started with one of the surprising twists the show is famous for. Both the Fei Long tribe, to which Bellande belongs, and the Zhan Hu tribe were forced to select two players to steal from the other tribe.

Fei Long selects strong players Aaron Reisberger and James Clement, while Zhan Hu has to settle for Michael "Frosti" Zernow and Sharea Lloyd. Fei Long definitely gets the better deal in the trade and with the two muscle-bound players on their side it appears they have a distinct advantage.

Bellande is particularly disturbed by this turn of events. He felt a strong bond with Clement - a bond forged in part, you will recall, through male bonding activities - and is now worried about his team's ability to win the immunity challenges.

Just before the newly acquired Zhan Hu members arrive, Bellande attempts to unify his team by suggesting they vote either Lloyd or Zernow off when it becomes time for Tribal Council. His tribemates appear indifferent and Bellande voices his frustration in a video diary.

"...Who knows - they may just decide to vote Jean-Robert off," he says. "Today is a terrible day for Fei Long and today's a godawful day for Jean-Robert."

Jean-Robert appears to be spot on because the next morning he's asking for help around camp and the other team members merely laugh at him. Lloyd and Zernow can barely contain their excitement over the tribe's disdain for the poker player.

"Waking up with everybody bashing Jean-Robert was better than the food we got the night before," says Zernow. "To me that just makes me so much more comfortable knowing there's somebody here that they have problems with. So it looks like Jean-Robert is in a pinch."

Surprisingly Zhan Hu decides to throw the immunity challenge, albeit somewhat undetectedly. Before the challenge Peih-Gee Law and Jaime Dugan toy with the idea of losing on purpose so they could eliminate either Clement or Reisberger while saving Lloyd and Zernow a trip to Tribal Council. They act on that plan at the challenge and when it comes time for Law and Dugan to complete a puzzle, they just laugh and try lackadaisically to slot pieces into a wooden structure.

Clement is horrified, knowing his Survivor life is on the line, and pleads with the two to focus and complete the challenge. It is to no avail and Fei Long easily wins immunity.

At Tribal Council original tribal alliances hold and one of the game's strongest players - Reisberger - is sent packing.

Thus, Bellande conveniently escapes another trip to Tribal Council where he very likely would have been in danger. This recent change in the game dynamic could assure the poker player's survival for at least the next few weeks as his tribe will have to band together to defeat the Zhan Hu resurgence.

Tune in next week as Bellande attempts to get one spot closer to the money.

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