Jack Hinchey wins World Poker Crown

Jack Hinchey

The end of the 888.com World Poker Crown didn't disappoint on Thursday as the world was able to watch online as the final eight players duked it out live in Barcelona for the $1 million top prize. The eventual winner was Canadian Jack Hinchey.

The World Poker Crown began play online at Pacific Poker where a $3 million prize pool was up for grabs. When play got down to the top 10, the game was stopped and the players and their chips were shipped to Spain to play out the remainder of the game live.

Jack Hinchey was one of four Canadians who made it to the live table at the Peralada Castle in Barcelona. Unfortunately one of his countrymen, Michael Leah, was an early casualty before broadcast of the final table began.

Along with Leah, Pini Roberto went out early and the webcast began broadcasting when play was down to the final eight. They were:

  • Mark Castonguay, Canada
  • Jack Hinchey, Canada
  • Michael Lawson, Canada
  • Mark Roessler, Germany
  • Piotr Stanislaw, Poland
  • Arjan van Bavel, Netherlands
  • Bert van Doesburg, Netherlands
  • Bart Wetsteijn, Netherlands

Once the cameras were rolling, Castonguay went out in eighth place. It took about eight hours of play for the final table to finally be decided after that.

In the end it came down to Canadian versus Canadian as Hinchey and Michael Lawson went head to head.

Hinchey started the matchup with $908,000 in chips to Lawson's $200,000. Lawson made a game of it early to double up, but he never could quite catch his fellow Canuck.

On the final hand Lawson was holding T T and bet $72,000. Hinchey made the call with K Q, and they saw a flop of K J 6.

Lawson moved all-in, and Hinchey made the call. The players revealed their hands and then watched as the board finished out with a J and a K to give Hinchey a full house and the victory.

The results were:

Place Name Prize
1st Jack Hinchey $1 million
2nd Michael Lawson $397,000
3rd Piotr Stanislaw $210,000
4th Arjan van Bavel $180,000
5th Bart Wetsteijn $120,000
6th Bert van Doesburg $90,000
7th Mark Roessler $60,000
8th Mark Castonguay $30,000

Hinchey, who manages a pump and electric motor service, said after the win, "This is a lot better than being in a sewage pit."

For poker fans who missed out on the live webcast of the action on Thursday, PokerListings.com provided live updates as well, so you can go back and read over the important hands during play as many times as you like.

For players looking to take on some poker action themselves, Pacific Poker still has plenty going on with online qualifiers for the World Series of Poker and many other events.

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