Ivey, Dwan Cut Ribbon on Plush Poker King Room at Venetian Macau

Ribbon Cutting
durrrr: In the hoodie.

Poker fans curious about the whereabouts of poker legend Tom Dwan had their questions answered this weekend as he was on hand for the unveiling of a plush new poker room at the Venetian Macau.

Showing up 90 minutes late and in sweatpants the infamous durrrr joined Phil Ivey and Johnny Chan, among others, in cutting the ribbon on the prestigious new Poker King Club room.

Absent from the US and online poker scene for a while durrrr was among over 100 distinguished guests from Macau, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Europe in attendance at the unveiling.

His penalty from Poker King boss Winfred Yu, however, was minor:

Chan Wins Charity Tourney; No Smoking Part of Plush Amenities

Johnny Chan Macau

To christen the poker room a private charity tournament was held featuring a few of the night's big stars.

Ivey, Yu, Stanley Choi, Takeda Tsuneaki, Raymond Chow and Yong Wai Kin all participated in the event to benefit the Caritas Macau group.

After a surprisingly heated battle Chan prevailed with the full prize pool of around USD $37k was donated to children's charity Lar de Nossa Senhora da Penha.

The poker room itself is also notable for its unique amenities including a non-smoking environment - a rarity for Macau.

USB chargers, adjustable seats, around the clock food and beverage service, table-side dining and multiple television screens are also among the high-end features.

The Poker King Club room joins its sister room in Manila opened last April. Along with the high-stakes cash games its known for Yu also says a "wide variety" of poker tournaments will be offered in the near future.

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