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Peter Gelencser returned to Vienna hungry for a poker win in the PartyPoker European Challenge II. He made the final table in 2007, landing in third place, and returned for the 2008 event to capture the win.

"I'm very happy. I was disappointed not to win last year but to win this time feels fantastic," Gelencser said.

"I was in a strong position going into the final table but couldn't help but think it would go the same way as last year. Thankfully, it didn't - I had such fantastic support from the rail and am glad I didn't let anybody down."

In 2007 Gelencser, from Hungary, entered the final table in the lead and looking like the obvious winner. Instead it was Branimir Brunovic, a trainee lawyer and online qualifier from Croatia, who took the title.

This year, Gelencser came to the final table in a weaker position and built his way to the top.

The final-table chip counts at the start of play were:

Seat Name Country Chip Count
1 Stefan Rapp Austria 292,000
2 Josef Klinger Austria 117,500
3 Dave Ulliott United Kingdom 293,500
4 Sigfried Rath Austria 182,500
5 Bernd Stadlbauer Austria 383,000
6 Tamas Gombkoto Hungary 41,000
7 Philipp Roch Germany 140,000
8 Alex Leviev Austria 769,000
9 Peter Gelencser Hungary 291,500
10 Benjamin Mirsaidi Germany 83,500

Alex Leviev, with a dominant chip lead, looked the strongest coming into the final table. But fourth place was as far as he would go; Gelencser and Josef Klinger would eventually battle for the European Challenge II win.

"Peter looked like the obvious winner in 2007, so we are happy he finally converted a dominant stack into a title in 2008," said a PartyPoker spokesman. "There's little doubt that he is one to watch and we expect him to be even more successful in years to come."

PartyPoker also pointed out that Vienna must be lucky for the 20-year-old trainee journalist. Between his third-place finish at the European Challenge in 2007 and his win this year, the only other victory he has is a €500 event in the same city.

"Vienna is a good place for me," Gelencser said. "Poker isn't that big in Hungary yet, but we have some excellent players coming through."

The final-table results were:

Place Name Prize
1st Peter Gelencser €165,520
2nd Josef Klinger €85,000
3rd Siegfried Rath €50,000
4th Alex Leviev €37,000
5th Stefan Rapp €30,000
6th Bernd Stadlbauer €25,000
7th Tamas Gombkoto €20,000
8th Dave Ulliott €15,000
9th Philipp Roch €10,000
10th Benjamin Mirsaidi €8,000

The event is expected to be broadcast in the United Kingdom on ITV4 in late summer or early autumn 2008, and then the recording will be distributed worldwide.

Coverage of the event will also be available in HD. The commentary will be provided by Mike Carlson, Mad Marty Wilson and Ciaran O'Leary.

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