Home Game Crash Course: How to Crush Your Friends at Poker (VIDEO)

We break down common home-game player types and how to beat them.

It takes years to beat great poker players but, luckily for you, we can teach you how to beat your friends in about five minutes.

No matter where you're playing in the world, if it's a home game with a buy-in between $5 and $20, chances are you're going to be up against a mix of beginners, intermediates and wannabe poker pros.

In this video we'll show you how to spot common home-game player-types and then give you easy-to-follow strategies for beating them.

Player types include the ultra-beginner, beginner, intermediate, wannabe poker pro and the maniac. Check out the video below to learn how to crush them all.

Watch How to Beat Your Friends at Poker

Five Main Player Types

Home games are always populated with the same kinds of players. Learn how to spot them and how to beat them.

The Ultra-Beginner

Every experienced poker player has to start somewhere and, more often than not, it's at a low-stakes home game.

Ultra-beginners barely know how to play and definitely don't understand anything resembling strategy.

Because they don't understand much of what's going on, it's impossible to bluff them. Your best strategy is to make a good hand and bet big.

Wanna Be Poker Pro
Wannabe poker pros are good but they do have weaknesses.

The Beginner

Beginners have played a bit of poker but don't know any strategy beyond the strength of their own cards.

Since it's tough to make a good hand in Texas Hold'em, your best strategy against beginners is constant aggression.

Force them to fold all their crappy hands and be prepared to muck when they start playing back at you.

The Intermediate

Intermediate players have some experience and have spent some time studying poker strategy.

Generally they'll be playing a very ABC, tight-aggressive style which means they'll still be folding a lot of hands against aggressive players.

Put pressure on them and make them fold all their marginal hands. Try to get value out of your big hands and remember that just because they're playing back at you, it doesn't always mean they have a monster.

The Wannabe Poker Pro

Wannabe poker pros are generally good players but they're way too cocky for their own good.

They want every other player at the table to know they're the best.

Wannabe poker pros will always go one step too far with a big bluff or needlessly fancy play and that's their weakness.

Make a good hand and give them the opportunity to bluff.

The Maniac

Maniacs are really common in home games and they're pretty easy to beat. They bet and raise every hand and either win big or go broke quick.

The only thing you need to do is be patient. Wait for a good hand and let the maniac do the betting and raising for you.

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