Greg Raymer eyeing vice president seat in '08

The Libertarian Party in the United States confirmed for that it has approached Greg Raymer to possibly run as the party's vice presidential candidate in the 2008 elections.

Chuck Moulton, the vice-chair of the Libertarian National Committee, said he and other leaders in the Libertarian Party have talked to Greg Raymer about a possible '08 nomination from the party.

"The main reason is to attract the poker community - who are very angry about the anti-Internet gambling law railroaded through attached to the Port Security Bill - to the Libertarian Party," Moulton said.

The party considers Raymer, who is a libertarian, a very qualified candidate because of his legal training and media experience. Moulton said his celebrity will be a huge asset in outreach efforts, especially to the poker community.

"It would be a good alliance both for libertarians and the poker community," Moulton said. "The Libertarian party has a pre-existing freedom agenda and experience with running candidates and lobbying."

"The poker community has a huge number of people, many of whom lack political experience," he continued. "Merging these two demographics with the common goals of preventing poker from becoming the next prohibition and rolling back government regulation of Internet gambling seems like the best approach."

While Raymer has been recruited by Libertarian Party officials for the vice president spot, that doesn't mean he will automatically get the nomination. Like other political parties, the Libertarian Party has a nominating process in convention.

The 2008 presidential and vice presidential candidates for the party will be selected by delegates at the 2008 Libertarian Party National convention taking place May 23-26, 2008, in Denver, Colo.

"Many Libertarian Party members are excited about Greg's candidacy, but it's too early to tell what his chances are of being nominated," Moulton said. "There are no other announced VP candidates at this point, and we have more than a year to go."

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