Get 10 Free $1 BLAST Tickets on 888poker via PokerListings Now!


888poker's ultra-fast, lottery style BLAST SnGs have only been around for about a week so far but are already making a big impact.

Every real-money player on 888poker has already been awarded four tournament tickets to try them out and more can be unlocked every day by completing simple missions.

With three daily freerolls and over $1 million in prizes in the big BLAST promotional push over the summer, there's also a lot more opportunity for 888 players to give them a shot.

If you make a $10 deposit via PokerListings before Sept. 19, 2016, you'll get even more as you'll get 10 free $1 BLAST tickets on top of the $888 welcome bonus.

Up to $30 Buy-ins, $300,000 Jackpots

If you've yet to try out BLAST on 888poker, here's how it works:

blast poker lobby2
Look for BLAST in lobby.

Buy-ins range from 10 cents up to $30. Each SnG is four-handed with two-minute levels (minimum 3 levels at low buy-ins; maximum 6 at higher buy-ins).

Once the table is full a multiplier spins to determine the size of the prize pool. Multipliers are 2x, 5x, 10x, 100x, 1,000x and 10,000x.

At the lowest buy-in it's winner-take-all but as you go up in stakes more players are paid a portion of the prize pool.

At the $30 buy-in level the jackpot can hit $300,000 so there's big cash to be won (although chances of hitting the 10,000x multiplier are low).

An added twist: Once you've reached the end of the time-clock up in the top left corner, every player is all in until a winner is declared.

$1m in Promos, Daily Freerolls Until Sept. 19

As part of 888's promotional push there's $1m in guaranteed money to be spread around to players before Sept. 19.

The primary avenues of distribution are twice-daily $3,000 Big Bang tournaments with cash prizes and a $5,000 BLAST Off tournament that awards more BLAST tournament tickets.

blast poker timer3

Win any BLAST tournament and you get an automatic entry into the Daily $5k BLAST Off. Complete 888poker Club Challenges to score more Big Bang tickets.

Here's the daily schedule:

$3k Big Bang: Every day at 13:05 and 23:05 GMT

$5k Blast Off: Every day at 18:05 GMT

Create a new 888poker account via PokerListings to access our $888 bonus or, if you're already a PokerListings player on 888, deposit $10 to collect on the 10 free BLAST tickets.

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