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Last weekend wasn't laribu's first try at the weekly $3,000 Full Tilt Poker freeroll exclusively for players. He managed to crack the final table of one back in October for a fifth-place finish, but this time, laribu brought it home for the win.

The win was the Berlin, Germany native's biggest poker win so far as he pocketed $810 of the $3,000 prize pool.

To get there he had to battle his way through a playing field of 189, all of whom had qualified for the tournament by signing up at Full Tilt Poker through and then earning 150 player points during the seven-day qualification period.

According to laribu, his win came down to 8-3 off-suit.

"The blinds were at $5,000/$10,000, and my opponent just had about $23,000 in chips," the 29-year-old computer science Ph.D. student said. "He raised pre-flop to $20,000, and I had to call with any hand."

The flop came 9-7-2, all hearts. His opponent, luxstar, moved all-in, and laribu pushed in the $3,000 to call. It turns out luxstar had Ks-Qh for a flush draw.

"Due to the flush draw of my opponent, I was down to four outs," laribu said.

Four outs was all he needed. The turn brought a jack of diamonds to help neither of them, but the river brought an eight of clubs to give laribu a pair.

The Top 10 players in the event were:

Place Name Prize
1st laribu $810
2nd luxstar $510
3rd 45caliberT $382.50
4th takotako $300
5th syllos71 $225
6th dglizda $165
7th chrispeace $112.50
8th Desktopius $90
9th pokerzen $67.50
10th LADYDANE $45

While he didn't have definite plans for the money just yet, laribu said he might try out one of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series VII events with the extra padding in his bankroll. He already hits the poker site two times a week or more to get his game on.

"I like the site," he said. "Mostly I like watching the pros playing high-stakes Omaha there."

He also heads to on a weekly basis. He said it's a nice all-around poker site, and he likes the poker-room reviews and the promotions.

If poker fans would like to take advantage of the freerolls at Full Tilt Poker like laribu did, all they have to do is sign up at the poker site through a link on

After that, they'll have access to all sorts of freerolls just for accumulating player points on the site. Currently players can get qualified for the weekly $3,000 freerolls, $12,500 WSOP freerolls and monthly WPT freerolls.

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