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Gotta Get that Paper, Dog

A seat in a European Poker Tour event, a World Poker Tour event, and other cash prizes - what more could a poker player ask for? Well, they could be getting it all for free, for one thing, from

Several players are walking away from tournaments in the last couple weeks glad that they took the time to sign up at their poker site through after winning cash and prizes through special freerolls.

First up was J.R. Lingurar who won a seat in a CD Poker, matx picked up a seat in the EPT Dublin event through a freeroll as well.

Taking on a playing field of 57 players in the and CD Poker freeroll, matx outlasted them all to pick up the $12,500 prize package. His prize pays for the buy-in and travel and accommodations as well.

The top 10 players in the EPT Dublin freeroll were:

  1. matx
  2. pirouet7
  3. preabun
  4. mercury201
  5. Vanjok
  6. TheWheelFlush
  7. Bepp0
  8. Xxdragonsnakexx
  9. antony008
  10. BblykK has also teamed up with sites to hand out plenty of cold hard cash in the last week as well. At Full Tilt Poker there was a $3,000 freeroll last weekend with jamesp2836 taking home the $750 top prize.

He beat out 508 players for the win. The top 10 players were:

Place Name Prize
1st jamesp2836 $750
2nd richw848 $465
3rd Edison58 $337.50
4th reyecatcher $262.50
5th EMHOB $195
6th rvizzle222 $142.50
7th suoerfan71 $93
8th montipackers $75
9th 45caliberT $58.50
10th being_there $33

At Pacific Poker players had a chance at a $5,000 freeroll courtesy of the poker site and Austrian player DonRon84 was the big winner there, pocketing the $1,500 top prize.

The top three cashers in the event were:

Place Name Country Prize
1st DonRon84 Austria $1,500
2nd Tbrown18 United Kingdom $1,000
3rd mel568 Germany $500

Check out the various room reviews on to see the many perks and freerolls the site has to offer for poker players who sign up to play through the site. There's plenty more free tournament seats and cash to be had.

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