fkscreennames wins FTOPS VI main event

The Spoils of War

The Full Tilt Online Poker Series VI main event attracted no less than 4,371 players, who paid the $500+$35 buy-in. fkscreennames won the tournament, and took home $385,937.45 in prize money.

Full Tilt Poker had put up a $2 million guarantee for the event, but due to the high number of entrants, the prize pool was even bigger - $2,185,500.

Champion-to-be fkscreennames made his way to the final table thanks to strong, aggressive play, and he kept it up as the money got bigger and other players became cautious.

With three players left in the tournament, fkscreennames had a huge chip lead over the two remaining opponents, mendieta19 and southside1.

fkscreennames kept bullying his rivals, and looked to be on his way to victory, when he suddenly took a couple of big hits. First, he lost a coin flip with A-K against southsides1's 8-8, and then mendieta19 doubled-up against him with J-J versus 7-7.

At this point, the three players were almost even, but fkscreennames kept playing aggressively and was soon back in command.

Two more big pots were to be played, and they both went fkscreennames' way. In the first one, mendieta19 raised all-in on the turn when the board showed 8c-As-4s-Ac.

fkscreennames requested extra time to think, but finally made the call. mendieta19 showed Q-J off-suit for a total bluff, and was drawing dead against fkscreennames' pocket kings.

Shortly afterward, fkscreennames clashed with southside1 in what was to be the last hand of the tournament.

southside1, who had raised pre-flop, bet $500,000 on a Qd-Ah-9c flop, and fkscreennames made the call. The 6s fell on the turn, and this time fkscreennames bet out. southside1 raised, fkscreennames moved all-in, and southside1 called.

fkscreennames showed A-6 for two pair, and southside1 was in bad shape with A-J. The 8c fell on the turn, and fkscreennames had become the FTOPS VI main event champion.

Final-table results:

Place Name Prize
1st fkscreennames $385,937.45
2nd southside1 $233,629.95
3rd mendieta19 $152,985
4th kavicarter $120,202.50
5th eisenhower1 $90,261.15
6th 007Paghman $66,876.30
7th THEONE213 $50,266.50
8th SwingRoll $39,339
9th HipHopNDontStop $29,285.70

The Full Tilt Poker pros didn't perform very well in the event, with Eddy Scharf getting the furthest in 22nd place, earning $8,086.35.

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