First 100 qualify for Everest Poker Live the Dream

Mount Everest

There are 200 slots to be filled for the first stage of Everest Poker's Live the Dream promotion, and half are already gone.

Everest Poker announced this week it has filled the first 100 spots for Live the Dream, which will give 10 finalists an opportunity to become a professional poker player for a year. To get there, players have to qualify in tournaments online, then participate in a casting call where the top 10 will be chosen.

"Live the Dream is by far Everest Poker's most unique event yet," said Jonathan May, Everest Poker product manager. "The tournament goes far beyond a player's pure poker skills and will challenge their brand knowledge, blogging skills and charisma too."

Each week the poker site stages a direct-entry tournament where the winner is invited to Everest Poker's casting call in March. On top of that, they also get a share in a guaranteed $10,000 prize pool.

Before the casting call, the finalists will log onto the Live the Dream site, where they will create their own blog page and profiles to let the world see them.

According to Everest Poker, they'll be able to use humor, skills, sex appeal and whatever else it takes to prove why they should represent the site for a year as a poker pro.

May explained that this means the Live the Dream competition mixes Texas Hold'em online poker skill with the unpredictable nature of reality television and the around-the-clock momentum of social networking sites.

The site is translated into several languages and so far the players who've qualified for Live the Dream come predominantly from all across Europe. France has the most qualifiers so far with 43 winners, and following it are:

  • Germany: 22 winners
  • Netherlands: 15 winners
  • Italy: 8 winners
  • Switzerland: 3 winners
  • Denmark: 2 winners
  • Spain: 2 winners
  • Belgium: 1 winner
  • Japan: 1 winner
  • Sweden: 1 winner
  • United Kingdom: 1 winner

The direct-entry tournaments will run weekly on Mondays through March 10. Players at Everest Poker can also win their way to the casting call through the Summit Points Leaderboard where the top five players who earn the most Summit Points in each of November, December, January and February will qualify.

The top 10 players chosen at the casting call will win a prize package worth $100,000, giving them the life of a poker pro for a year. The package includes:

  • European Poker Tour Season 4 Grand Final seat ($13,000 buy-in)
  • World Series of Poker Main Event ($10,000 buy-in)
  • Two World Series of Poker side events (two $2,500 buy-ins)
  • Two World Poker Tour Season 7 events (two $15,000 buy-ins)
  • Two European Poker Tour Season 5 events (two $10,500 buy-ins)
  • $21,000 in cash for expenses

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