Are You an Action Hero? Find Out in 888poker's $1m Live the Game!

live the dream

Which type of poker player are you?

That’s the question 888poker is asking in its new promotional campaign.

You’ll have to play some poker to find out, but the quest will be rewarding.

From now until mid-March you’ll have the chance to win plenty of shares of the massive $1,000,000 that 888poker is offering.

Callers, Raisers and Pushers

To celebrate some of the most characteristic moves of the game 888poker is holding three different series of tournaments as part of its 'Live the Game' promo.

live the dream 2
Total smooth caller

To play in these you either have to register at 888poker and make a deposit of $10 minimum or you can fulfill personal missions.

There are new missions every day sent via email and if you manage to complete three or more daily missions within a week you’ll be presented with extra bonus prizes.

You can also try and spin one of 888poker’s wheels with numerous prizes, bonuses and tickets for different tournaments.

If you're an existing player and have already deposited 888poker will send you three entry tickets for free.

The $2,000 Smooth Call

These tournaments run Mondays and Wednesdays at 0:05 and 12:05; Tuesdays and Fridays at 12:05 and 18:05; Thursdays and Saturdays at 0:05 and 20:05; and Sundays at 0:05 and 18:05.

To play in these events you can deposit at least $10 and use the promo code CALL10. This will give you five tickets to the $2,000 Smooth Call.

You can also complete a “Smooth Player Mission” to win a ticket.

The $5,000 Big Raise

These tournaments run Sundays, Monday and Wednesdays at 20:05; Tuesdays and Fridays at 0:05; and Thursdays and Saturdays at12:05.

To play in these events you can deposit at least $10 and use the promo code RAISE10. This will give you two tickets the $5,000 Big Raise.

You can also complete a “Big Raiser Mission” to win a ticket.

The $10,000 Action Hero

These tournaments run Sundays at 12:05 and Tuesdays and Fridays at 20:05.

To play in these events deposit at least $10 using the promo code ALLIN10 to receive one ticket to the $10k Action Hero or complete one “All Action mission."

Note: All times are in GMT.

The promotion is running until March 14, 2016. Also check out the Super XL Series, 888poker’s own week-long tournament series, with $2m in guaranteed prize pools.

If you haven’t started your 888poker account yet, read our comprehensive review of 888poker. We also have a quick video guide to show you how easy it is.

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