Exclusive: Leaked Video Shows Working Hack for Popular OFC App

OFC Hack

PokerListings was contacted by a well-known poker pro who says he purchased a working hack that makes it possible to cheat in the popular app ABC Chinese Poker.

The source insisted on remaining anonymous but said he purchased the hack in order to bring it to the attention of the poker community.

The source answered questions and provided evidence to corroborate his story, including exclusive video demonstrating the hacking tool.

The source says he was approached with the opportunity to buy the hack and eventually purchased a working version.

PokerListings contacted PokerPoker LLC, the company responsible for the ABC Chinese Poker app, but have received no response.

While players on ABC Chinese Poker don't play for real money within the app, it's very common for players to make wagers on the side and use the app to play and keep track of points.

"Likely" That Hack is Already Being Used

ABC Chinese Poker is the most common app used for this kind of wagering in the poker community.

“It's very likely this hack is already being used,” said the source.

“You can't lose if you understand the rules. Over a 10-hand sample if you used the hack to its full potential you might lose 1% of the time.”

Allegedly the hack intercepts information sent via the app over the operator's wifi network to reveal both players' cards at the beginning of each hand. There is also evidence that in some cases the hack actually allows you to choose what cards will be dealt in the next hand.

The tool appears to work using the Safari internet browser on the iPad to show the player's and his opponent's cards at the beginning of each hand.

The source said he wants to make this information public to make players aware of the vulnerability, and to stop the perpetrator from profiting further.

The source also said he hasn't used the hack for anything beyond recording this video with the cooperation of a friend.

The first video shows how the hacking tool allows the operator to see all of his and his opponent's cards during a hand of Open-Face Chinese poker.

The player operating the hack told his opponent all of his cards over the phone, allowing both players to set their hands perfectly.

Without the hack, neither the player nor the opponent would have been able to rely on quads and a full house to complete their strongest hand.

Watch the exclusive video below:

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