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Best European rooms - poker rooms rating

Europeans are truly living in the Promised Land when it comes to online poker. Not only is poker fully legalized and regulated in Europe but many of the countries let players keep their winnings tax-free.

European players also have access to the most online poker sites and signing up and depositing is a breeze thanks to the many payment processors. We’ve compiled a list of the very best European poker rooms below. These rooms are the top of the online poker world with superior sign-up bonuses and software.

With the recent legislation in the U.S. regarding online poker, there has truly never been a better time to sign up for a European online poker site. Click on a link below to start the sign-up process.

Best European Rooms

Rank Poker Site? Rating Best Sign-Up Bonus Exclusive Offer Play Now
1. 888poker Read Review 8.75 100% up to $888? Regular: 100% / $400 Play Now Free Download
2. William Hill Poker Read Review 8.35 200% up to $2,000? Regular: 100% / $1,000 Play Now Free Download
3. Full Tilt Read Review 8.22 100% up to $600? Regular: 100% / $600 Play Now Free Download
4. PokerStars Read Review 8.15 100% up to $600? Regular: 100% / $600 Play Now Free Download
5. NetBet Poker Read Review 8.08 200% up to €1,500? Regular: 100% / €1,000
Play Now Free Download

About European Poker Sites

European Union flags

Arguably the best online poker rooms in the world are available exclusively to Europeans but there are some subtle differences from rooms that offer online poker to U.S. players. Check below for a quick start guide to switching to a European-only online poker room.

1. Player Skill

It’s very simple: Europeans and U.S. players just play differently.

You will tend to find that U.S. players tend to play a fundamentally sound poker game with most of the action pre-flop while Euros love to see the flop and try to outplay their opponent. 

In other words there will tend to be more loose calls, more aggressive play and in general some riskier players. Solid players can take advantage of the looser play on European sites.

2. Software

While all the sites listed by PokerListings have solid software, some of the smaller sites are known for their below-average clients. Some of these sites are harder to navigate, slower and downright buggy in some cases.

The flipside is that you’ll tend to find some very weak competition on these sites and it can sometimes make financial sense to play on them.

3. Volume

It goes without saying that European sites are much, much busier during peak playing times in Europe.

During the off-hours the rooms can have dramatically less traffic than some of the international poker rooms, however.

No-Limit Hold’em games are usually easy to find at all hours of the day but it can be difficult to find other games. The one exception is Pot-Limit Omaha, which has a huge following in Europe.

You might need to sign up for two Euro-only rooms if you want to be 8-tabling at all times of the day.

4. Promos and Rewards

European online poker rooms tend to offer some huge rewards to loyal players. In general the sign-up bonuses tend to be higher and the loyalty programs tend to require less player points to receive perks. European rooms have been making a huge push for more sign-ups lately and the sign-up bonuses are reaching record highs.

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