Esfandiari, Boeree, Altergott's Life-Changing Times at Burning Man

Published on 28 August 2015 by Pokerlistings 2380
Three high-profile poker pros explain how cutting loose at the Burning Man festival changed their lives. Antonio Esfandiari, Liv Boeree and Max Altergott have all gone to the festival and they explain what makes it such a magical place that captures people's imaginations and makes life-long Burners out of many who attend. Esfandiari, who's earned more than $26 million playing live poker tournaments, has been going to Burning Man for five years and he says it's his favorite thing in the world. This year Esfandiari has mobilized members of his camp from 2014, including some of the best poker pros in the world, to fund an extravagant art car for this year's festival. Art cars are basically mobile party platforms and judging by Esfandiari's description, their art car will be a sight to behold. Check out the video to see tons of cool Burning Man footage and to hear Antonio Esfandiari, Liv Boeree and Max Altergott
Antonio Esfandiari: Every year I go to Burning Man I leave a better man.
Max Altergott: It felt to me like Alice in Wonderland.
Liv Boeree: It's just so overwhelming, there's colors everywhere. Antonio Esfandiari: I went there and after my first year I was so touched by how kind people were that I imagined the world like that. Imagine you go to Star Wars, like you're literally in Star Wars, and there's no evil. Everyone's just the best versions of themselves. And there's no money so there's no ulterior motives, so everyone's just pure and authentic. On top of that there's no cell phone coverage so everyone's actually present and in the moment.
Max Altergott: Everything is just amazing and completely new, things you've never seen before. It made me appreciate a lot of things and it made me shut down my mind and open my heart to all these things. After the second or third day I felt a relief and a deep feeling of freedom.
Liv Boeree: It really strips everyone down. You can't really have the image of yourself you have in the outside world. It all gets stripped away because everyone's there just surviving basically. It brings out the true qualities of everybody and generally they're very very positive. There's 70,000 people living in this hellish environment, hellish in terms of climate, for six days and I didn't see one act of aggression. Not one. Now maybe I got lucky but I didn't see raised voices or fights or anything.
Antonio Esfandiari: At Burning Man they have these moving vehicles called art cars. So basically you design a car that doesn't look anything like a car. It looks like a mutant vehicle, that's actually what they call them. And they create these moving vehicles that you party on and they all have a sound system. This is my fifth time going to Burning Man and it's my favorite thing in the world. I raised some money from all the people that were at my camp last year, myself included, and some friends and we all chipped in and we're building this moving party platform for one week of the year. I'm really excited.
Liv Boeree: At any given moment there's so much stuff going on. Obviously there's lots of music stages and famous Djs will be there. Skrillex and Infected Mushroom will be there. A lot of very well known acts will be playing but that's a tiny part of it. There's amazing art, like these sculptures that are designed to reflect the sun in this perfect way. I mean at night it's just so overwhelming. Colors everywhere.