EMHOB takes another PokerListings freeroll

The Money

PokerListings freerolls are a great deal - just ask online player EMHOB.

The 19-year-old University of Texas student just won a PokerListings.com $3,000 freeroll through Full Tilt Poker - his second in a matter of weeks. This time EMHOB beat Igas in heads-up play and added $960 to his bankroll for coming in first on Saturday, Aug. 18. The week before that EMHOB won $810 for a first place finish.

After the win EMHOB thanked PokerListings.com for giving him the chance to play.

"Before I started playing poker online, I used PokerListings.com to decide which poker site I wanted to play on," he said. "It is a very helpful and informative site when it comes down to comparing and reviewing online poker sites but it also has a lot of interesting articles about the poker community as well."

Although EMHOB mentioned he never got into poker to make money he sure has been doing a lot of that lately. After learning to play poker at home games EMHOB upgraded to online play. He found Full Tilt Poker through PokerListings.com and he couldn't be happier, although he's not planning on going pro any time soon.

"Now that I am able to play online I have started playing again," he said. "The convenience of playing poker online will most likely increase how frequently I play but I do not plan to make poker anything more than a hobby."

So there you have it. In the last few weeks EMHOB was able to take $0 and turn it into nearly $2,000. That's some bankroll management!

The complete results for the Aug. 18 PokerListings/Full Tilt Poker $3,000 freeroll are as follows:

Place Player Prize
1. EMHOB $960
2. Igas $585
3. turban26 $420
4. Griffswurth $330
5. feng_blue $240
6. 2OLD2SEA $180
7. ZangZeng $120
8. Badmama11 $90
9. Spacedeath $75

Players on Full Tilt Poker weren't the only ones who benefited from PokerListings.com. Over on Pacific Poker 70 players had the opportunity to compete in the monthly $5,000 PL.com freeroll. It was U.K resident SidMynrd who walked away with a cool $1,500 for first place. In addition the Pacific Poker invitations to their WSOPE seat freeroll on Sunday go out tomorrow.

The complete results for the PokerListings/Pacific Poker $5,000 freeroll are as follows:

Place Player Prize
1. SydMynrd $1,500
2. venturii $1,000
3. gerMAN28 $600
4. emro1702 $500
5. roni3000 $400
6. Kossari $300
7. Yogo1 $250
8. maxxx78 $200
9. magicwlt $150

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