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Easy Game Episode 6: Terrence Chan (Video Mini-Doc)

Created By: Matthew Showell
14 March 2013
Posted in: The Poker Reporter Blog

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Terrence Chan has been a big part of the poker world for more than a decade. First as a member of the team that developed PokerStars and later as a high-stakes, heads-up Limit Hold'em specialist.

You could say Chan had it made. So why did the 32-year-old from Vancouver, Canada put it all on the line to pursue a career in mixed martial arts?

In the latest episode of our poker documentary series Easy Game, we follow Chan to find out.

We go to his gym, his home and all over his native Vancouver to learn how Terrence Chan is going to make it to the UFC.

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Tyler 2013-04-02 16:00:35

This is a great series I really like these. Jungleman one is good.