Dominik Nitsche's WSOP Diary: Profitable WSOP = Guest Room in New Apt.

22 July 2014, Created By:
Dominik Nitsche's WSOP Diary: Profitable WSOP = Guest Room in New Apt.

Dominik Nitsche is a true poker globetrotter with tournaments played on every continent and big results everywhere he goes.

The WSOP is his annual opportunity to make his biggest goals in poker come true and he's proven he has what it takes again in 2014 with two (2!) bracelets.

In the last entry of his 2014 WSOP Diary Dom recaps his very successful summer at poker's signature event.

By Dominik Nitsche

I have been back home in Edinburgh for a couple of days and have been thinking back at the long weeks in Vegas.

The final impression was of course the exit from the Main Event.

I can hardly remember any tournament where I just sat there for 14h, had no significant hand, never really made it beyond starting stack and then invested my money in an unspectacular hand that sent me home.

I held AQ and after a flop of T-3-2 and with a Queen on the turn I called the all-in from my opponent, whom I knew as an online MTT Regular.

With two hearts on the board I had given him a couple of semi-bluffs, but not the pair of deuces that he held for the set.

Over and out. The two tables that I had caught on my two days were super tight. In an EPT I would have loved to play these players.

But in the WSOP Main Event, what happens is you squint at the neighboring tables and wonder why, again, there are a couple of old guys donking and splashing chips with eight players in a pot, while the same thing never seems to happen at your own table.

My Second Profitable WSOP

Dominik Nitsche2013 WSOP EuropeEV0710K NLH Main EventDay 2Giron8JG2

The WSOP was, of course, a great success. I can tell by the different price level I am now looking at with my apartment search in Edinburgh.

But seriously, it was my third-ever WSOP and the second where I came back with a profit. If you are not happy with that kind of result, you have no idea about poker.

I've actually only cashed twice, but then won the tournaments. On top of that, of course, the shares I had in Manig Löser, Melanie Weisner and Oliver Price have lifted up my balance. They were worth $60,000.

The reward: I am now buying property in Edinburgh and I can ask for things like “guest room” in the requirement profile.

If I Could Play $200/$400 Online Cash Games, I Might Not Go to Vegas

Having played the whole WSOP for three years straight I am naturally asking myself how long this can be interesting.

I can understand players like Sebastian Ruthenberg or Tobias Reinkemeier, who at some point didn’t want to play $1,000 tournaments anymore and also don’t find Vegas and the parties that exciting anymore.

If I could play $200/$400 online cash games profitably, like Sebastian, I would probably not spend two months at the WSOP.

On the other hand, the WSOP next door and all the friends with whom you spend so much time make it sometimes feel like a holiday camp.

And as long as it stays that way, I think I will come back every summer.

Off to Barcelona!

Dominik Nitsche

I'm staying in Edinburgh, taking a break until the EPT in Barcelona. I've qualified already.

However, I'm without a hotel. So, I still have to think about where I'll stay and with whom.

The Arts Hotel, with the security issues last year, is not an option. 350 Euro per night is just too much to me.

However, the upcoming anniversary "EPT 100" brings back funny memories. I asked myself when I played my first EPT.

It was in Dortmund in 2009. So I have been there for about half of its existence.

Afterwards the next major tournaments I played were the Aussie Millions and the Irish Open. Then I flew to Argentina, where I won my first live tournament at 18 years old.

The EPT has since become a sort of home for me. I am curious if I can find my first final table at number 100.

After a great summer in Vegas, I will now also rock Barcelona.


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AnnieRKH 2014-07-23 08:28:43

Good luck to Dominik and hope German Poker will get a much deserved first Triple Crown at #EPT100 :)

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