Daily 3-Bet: GPL Holdouts, Ivey Super Babies, $25K Dublin Rising

How about those super babies?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a wind machine, a shiny red light and 25 seconds of memeable glory during the afternoon poker news Super Bowl.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find some major talent the Global Poker League is missing out on, Phil Ivey staying off the poker map and the high rollers get back in the swing of things in Dublin.

1) Who's In, Who's Out

The big news that dropped today of course is the list of 203 players from the Global Poker Index Top 1,000 who've declared themselves eligible for the first-ever Global Poker League draft.

Erik Seidel
We'd still draft Seidel anyway.

While the 20% buy-in is higher than expected - and some pretty big names have put themselves up for selection - that still leaves 80% of the potential pool on the outside looking in.

Current #1 Steve O'Dwyer took a pass, as did fellow top 10ers Nick Petrangelo, David Peters and Stephen Chidwick.

Other notables not among the eligible draftees?

Erik Seidel, Scott Seiver, Paul Volpe, Adrian Mateos and 2015 WSOP Main Event champ Joe McKeehen, who declared his lack of interest over Twitter.

Seems like plenty of players feel otherwise, though, and there's more than enough takers for a very good product when the League gets running in March. Official draft day is Feb. 25th in LA. More info here.

2) Ivey Shares Love for Super Bowl Babies

One player who's not on the list of draft eligible? The one and only Phil Ivey, who never plays enough to rank on the GPI or, more likely, has never even heard of it.

We assume he's busy playing high-stakes games in Manila, Macau or somewhere yet to be discovered but at least he let us know how he felt about this year's Super Bowl Babies video:

Thanks, Phil. Still an off-chance he becomes a wildcar ... ah who are we kidding.

3) $25K High Roller Rolling in Dublin

In the GPL draft or out plenty of the game's best players are back doing what they do best in the $25K High Roller at EPT Dublin today.

With registration still open until the beginning of Day 2 the final numbers are still to be tallied but at least 40 or so big-leaguers are in including chipleader Anton Bertilsson, Dario Sammartino, Kevin MacPhee, David Peters, Mustapha Kanit and Jason Mercier.

And what do the major leaguers do before settling in for a $25k buy-in event? Play some trampoline dodgeball, obv.

Follow the live updates from Dublin on the PokerStars blog.

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Peisistratos 2016-02-14 12:40:33

Unfortunately, GPL seems to have the potential to become the worst poker failure ever. It seems that is hasn't a clear and specific goal in almost everything....Ok, I will listen Dreyfus in Tuesday, but the whole things is not good.

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