Daily 3-Bet: WSOP Mute Madness, BCN Monster, Burning Philbort

Philipp Gruissem
Be safe out there, Phil.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a feathered headdress, some giant furry mukluks and a heart-pounding drive into camp at afternoon poker news Burning Man.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find an "unheard of" WSOP Main Event strategy failing to deliver, the EPT100 High Roller in Barcelona reaches an almost absurd field-size and Phil Gruissem gets, uhh, geared up for Burning Man.

1) Rigney Goes Quiet. Really Quiet.

Jack Schanbacher
Schanbacher: "Boiled" while the hand played out but saved by six on river.

Having covered the World Series of Poker Main Event live since 2005, we've seen our fair share of oddball moments.

Given the almost completely inexplicable range of skill levels that fork over $10,000 it's actually kind of a given that you'll witness some of the strangest poker plays ever.

This one might be the strangest we've ever heard (even if we didn't catch it in the moment).

According to writer Mark Gruetze at TribLive.com, Richard Rigney is a horse breeder, chemist and soft-drink/flavoring company owner from Louisville who HAD NEVER PLAYED POKER.

He hit up the Main Event with a friend who had it on his "bucket list" and played anyway. On Day 4, starting 86th of 700, Rigney got into a hand with Jack Schanbacher that ended up in two bizarre raising mishaps, rivered quads and one mind-bending story.

Even crazier? Rigney had spent the previous four days NOT SPEAKING AT ALL at the table, leading his tablemates to think he didn't even speak english. His plan going in, he said, was "to be stoic." Mission accomplished, sir.

The hand is set to air Sept. 28, apparently, when the ESPN Main Event broadcast begins. Full story from Gruetze here.

2) EPT100 High Roller Hits 360+; Absentees Lament

In case you missed it over the weekend, the EPT Barcelona Main Event smashed all kinds of attendance records with, dare we say it, a Battle of Malta-esque turnout.

ept100 logo
Be there, or be sad.

The final field in the €5,300 Main Event eventually topped out at 1,496 - higher than all events over EPT Season 1 combined(!). With a top prize of €1,261,000 there will undoubtedly be one very happy poker player flying home on Thursday.

As that field is now down to just 28 players or so that left a large amount of poker players milling about with, apparently, money burning a hole in their pockets.

The result? A 360-entry (and climbing) €10k High Roller field with an expected first-place prize bigger than 60(!) of the 100 EPT Main Events played to date.

Watch the playdown to the final table for the Main Event streaming right here with bonus coverage from the High Roller likely thrown in for good measure. If you're a poker player who decided to skip EPT100 for some reason, there's only one feeling:

3) Philbort Goes "Rainbow Sasquatch" for Burning Man

Amendment to the above: If you're a poker player not in Barcelona for EPT100 you're likely regretting it UNLESS you're heading into the Nevada desert for Burning Man.

In which case you're probably not the kind of guy (or girl) who regrets much in the first place:

Let's juts hope that Rainbow Sasquatch suit has a built-in Camelbak and a ventilation system or Phil Gruissem is going to die out there. Be safe, Phil. The world at large needs you.

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