Daily 3-Bet: Silver 1-on-1, NPR Holla, Ivey Grows Again

0342 Phil Ivey
Ivey: Believer in Baccarat business model?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a Bayesian-inspired, rock-solid poker signal pulsing firmly amid the insipid afternoon poker news noise.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find one of the most sought-after bloggers in America, Nate Silver, getting in-depth with PokerListings in Australia, the new Ship It Holla Ballas book getting some press on National Public Radio and Team Ivey bursting at the seams with three more pro signings.

1) Nate Silver: "Poker was very instrumental in my life"

Nate Silver
Nate Silver.

One of the most inspiring things about working in and around poker is just how often we find the world's smartest and most successful people as taken with the game as we are.

President Barack Obama. Billionaire Guy Laliberte. Tennis legend Rafael Nadal. Chess mastermind Almira Skripchenko. The list goes on.

Political prognosticator and statistical modeling guru Nate Silver is definitely near the top of that list.

Correctly predicting the outcome of the 2012 US election in all 50 states rocketed Silver into the world spotlight last year but he'd been revolutionizing the prediction game for years before the USA Todays of the world took notice.

He'd also been a part of the online poker community as a part-time pro -- a time he looks back on fondly and, he says, played a big role in building his highly refined "quantitative sensibilities."

We were lucky to get a few minutes of Silver's time today at the Aussie Millions and were rewarded with a great Q&A covering a range of topics from his favorite prediction (sorry, Scott Podsednik) to his EV at the tables. It's a great read; check it out here.

2) Ship it Holla Ballas Book Gets NPR Treatment

Andrew Robl
Robl: From Ship It Holla to true poker baller.

We mentioned the new Ship It Holla Ballas book release last week and it seems a few mainstream outlets have also taken an interest in the story of "poker's loudest, craziest and richest crew."

Even the famously demure and soft-voiced National Public Radio.

Co-author Jonathan Grotenstein sat down with NPR's Robert Smith to give the book and the crew some context for a crowd not so familiar with range merging and Cristal popping.

The result was pretty good, focusing on the two main protagonists of the book Andrew "good2cu"Robl and David "Raptor" Benefield; an excerpt:

"SMITH: So over the course of the book, you follow Raptor and Good2cu as they make enormous sums of money. Were they geniuses?

"GROTENSTEIN: Geniuses is a tough term to apply to these kids. They were highly intelligent. I'm not sure that either kid would qualify as a genius in any sort of traditional sense.

"SMITH: So what gave them the edge?

"GROTENSTEIN: Timing, more than anything else. Nobody was yet treating the Internet as a completely different way of playing the game."

Listen to the audio file here and read the full transcript here.

While some of the crew has moved on into different lines of work, Robl has stayed the course and proven his balla stature yet again with a $1m win in the Aussie Millions $100k Challenge yesterday.

3) Lichtenberger, Smith and Jones Join Team Ivey

Andrew Lichtenberger
Chewy joins growing TeamIvey.

Yep, still no idea what the final IveyPoker "poker and training" product will look at but, man, it's undeniably going to have some major poker street cred.

Joining an already stuffed lineup of 21 of the world's best pros, tournament crushers Dan Smith and Andrew "LuckyChewy" Lichtenberger and high-stakes vet/coach Aaron "aejones" Jones signed on as TeamIvey pros this weekend.

Hard to argue with any of the choices for the Team so far, and Smith and Lichtenberger take it up even further with their genius-level understanding of the tourney game.

How's Ivey going to pay for all of this top poker talent? Right now, we're guessing Punto Banco.

Check the announcement tweets below and the still-in-progress site here.

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