Daily 3-Bet: Sam+Cate Kapow, Norway+Brazil Kaboom, GPL Favs


The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a ladle of Fårikål, a scoop of Feijoada and just the right mix of ingredients for the perfect afternoon poker news stew.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a wild hand from a gangbusters PNIA weekend, Norway and Brazil bring the noise and some favorites to bank on for the GPL finals.

1) That's a $22k Shove

The $3,500 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Main Event is streaming live on Day 3 as we speak and if that event turns out anything like the cash games from this past weekend, it'll be a barnburner.

2016 WSOP Samantha Abernathy
Not. kidding. around.

The SHRPO hosted two Poker Night in America cash games over the weekend and both were spectacular poker viewing.

First up was a wild, high-stakes cash session with the likes of Jason Mercier, Mustapha Kanit, Matt Berkey, Chance Kornuth and Bill Perkins that played BIG.

The following night the ladies took over for Ladies Night and played their usual brand of highly entertaining and equally impressive poker.

It featured regulars Jamie Kerstetter, Jessica Dawley, Natasha Mercier (formerly Barbour), Cate Hall and Samantha Abernathy - the latter two playing a highlight-reel hand that'll be talked about for a while.

Long story short: Hall and Abernathy were the two big winners at the table when, just before the end of the night, Abernathy shoved $22k into a $14k pot with AQ against Hall's KK.

We tend to think TV poker peaked with Tom Dwan on High Stakes Poker but if this is the future of live streams we're in for some similarly memorable moments.

Watch both blockbuster sessions below! (Abernathy/Hall hand starts at 7:16:35):

2) Norway and Brazil Really, Really Love Poker

We've seen a lot of countries with a love for poker in our travels but few compare to the collective passion of Norway and Brazil.

Despite poker being illegal in Norway for pretty much ever there's a grand, unbreakable tradition of the game there fuelled by forefathers like Thor Hansen and Johnny Lodden.

DNegs <3 Norway (Photo: Lina Olofsson)

We've seen that love first-hand from the scores of Norwegians who come to the Battle of Malta every year.

And when the National Championship was finally allowed on home soil last year almost 2,000 players (and National TV coverage) proved it yet again.

This year they've gone one-better with 2,120 players in the Main Event - an astounding figure for such a small country.

Meanwhile, down on the other side of the planet, the Brazliians are doing likewise.

The R$3,500 BSOP Main Event is the largest tournament in Latin America every year and crushed attendance records yet again in 2016 with 2,514 entries. A large part of that, of course, can be attributed to Brazil's legendary ambassadors of the game like Andre Akkari and our own 2016 Spirit of Poker Most Inspiring Player Felipe "Mojave" Ramos.

The game may have been born in the USA but it belongs to the world now and few countries show it more than these polar opposites. And if you can impress Daniel Negreanu, you know you're doing something right:

3) Got a Feeling About Those Rush

The first-ever Global Poker League Playoffs start tomorrow and, truth be told, we're pretty excited about it. 

2016 WSOP Phil Galfond
Always bet on Phil.

The regular season was nice to watch play out but now, with something really at stake in the games, things are gonna go up another level.

Based on the line-ups each playoff team has announced there's no question the talent is there for some phenomenal poker, regardless.

Even better, if you have think a team may have an edge on its path to GPL history, you can put your money on it at BetStars. Here are the current odds:

If you don't feel confident enough to put money on it you can still play the GPL Bracket Challenge and win some GPL swag. Our sleeper pick? The San Francisco Rush. Never bet against Phil Galfond, basically.

Action starts tomorrow at 12 pm PT so be sure to tune either here on PokerListings or on the GPL Twitch channel.

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