Daily 3-Bet: Pokerography S2, Reckless Benger, Omar + NYC Poker

Esfandiari Tilly
Tilly's turn for Pokerography treatment.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a text from a private number, a thorough frisk at the door and a rack waiting in the afternoon poker news back room.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a dazzling lineup for Pokerography Season 2, a "reckless" way to make $1m and the underground poker world of New York City.

1) Tilly to Koon to Chan

Do you enjoy an "in-depth look into the lives of some of the greatest poker professionals to ever play the game?"

So do we. Which makes us thrilled to see the lineup just announced for Season 2 of Poker Central's documentary series Pokerography.

2016 WSOP Johnny Chan
Get to know the real Johnny Chan.

On deck for a deep dive into their backstories this season:

  • Jennifer Tilly
  • Jason Mercier
  • Brian Rast
  • Maria Ho
  • Liv Boeree
  • Johnny Chan
  • Jonathan Little
  • Nick Schulman
  • Chris Moorman
  • Jason Koon
  • Isaac Haxton
  • Byron Kaverman
  • Celina Lin

We're not sure if that's the exact order they'll air in but we do know they'll begin this Fall.

Check Poker Central for more. Check our own short doc on Jason Koon right here.

2) Boop!

By now you're likely well aware former Counter-Strike superstar/online poker icon Griffin "Flush_Entity" Benger is in the 2016 WSOP November Nine.

You likely don't know - beyond the 80-some odd hours of poker it took to actually play to the final table - how he got there. In short: He had a little bit of room on his credit card. 

Needless to say it's not the "textbook" or "best" way to do it. But it worked, and he's now locked up a $1m score with the potential for much more. He explains it better:

3) Michael K. Williams Goes Underground in NYC

The underground poker scene in New York City has long been celebrated in poker lore, from Rounders to the salacious celebrity/Russian mob games of the Molly Bloom era.

Few, though, have ever seen what it really looks like from the inside.

Actor Michael K. Williams, aka Omar from The Wire and Chalky White from Boardwalk Empire, however, has the kind of pull to get behind those closed doors. And he's done it in his ongoing Black Market documentary series for Viceland.

"To see this world of gambling," Williams says, "in my city. New York City. I felt like I'd been cheated. How do I not know that all of this is going on right under my nose?"

It's a pretty spectacular 24 minutes. Check it out by clicking the image below:



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