Daily 3-Bet: Penn. Poker, Secret Amaya Meeting, Mizzi Toasts Jaffe

sorel mizzi
Called it.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Pennsylvania taking a major step towards legalizing online poker, a secretive Amaya meeting and Sorel Mizzi vs. Jonathan Jaffe.

1) Pennsylvania Poker Soon?

While efforts to legalize online poker in New York and California have hit a standstill there is one state that is barreling forward: Pennsylvania.

Old Main Pennsylvania

Yesterday the state’s House of Representatives passed an online gambling by a 114-85 vote.

The bill still has to pass through the Senate and get signed by Governor Tom Wolf before it becomes law.

Passing the online gambling legislation would help create a stream of revenue that would assist with the proposed $31.5b budget for the state.

The bill would allow operators to run full casinos with sports betting and gambling in addition to online poker. The proceeds would be taxed at 16%.

Pennsylviania would become the fourth state to legalize and regulate online poker behind Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

The state would instantly offer the biggest market for online poker in the USA with over 12 million people.

2) Secret Meeting at Amaya HQ in Montreal

What’s going on at Amaya these days?

pokerstars logo 138031
Changes afoot?

The owner of PokerStars has been in a variety of news publications lately with rumors about a possible buyout.

LifeinQuebec.com is reporting Amaya’s top executives and shareholders met behind closed doors this week for an AGM in Montreal.

Earlier this year there were rumors that Baazov had a plan to buy Amaya and take it private again.

Amaya confirmed that Baazov’s group is still interested in purchasing the company but there is another group also in the mix.

Israeli players were actually blocked from PokerStars earlier this week, which some poker pundits interpreted as a sign the new buyers could be from Israel.

Interesting times for the world’s biggest online poker company. We’ll keep you posted.

3) Sorel Mizzi vs. Jonathan Jaffe in Epic GPL Match

So Dan “Jungleman” Cates didn’t make his Cube debut yesterday but we got one heck of a consolation prize.

The Berlin Bears’ Sorel Mizzi faced off against the San Francisco Rush’s Jonathan Jaffe in one of the most talkative poker matches we’ve ever seen.

The pair were actually placing bets on the action too, which means there was actual money involved for a change.

Good stuff. Check it out below.

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