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Ivan Demidov

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a single pearl in a sea of mid-afternoon poker news oysters.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at a former poker pro switching to oyster farming, the most surprising poker player ever and Ivan Demidov leaving PokerStars.

1) Poker Pro Switches to Oysters

Pacific oysters
All the good games are in oysters these days.

As games have become tougher and tougher there’s been a lot of poker pros switching professions.

There are, of course, the natural fits like stock trading or fantasy sports but there are also some very unique professions that poker pros have gotten into.

One of the most unusual transitions has been that of the Netherlands Sybe Smit, who became an oyster farmer of all things.

Smit was profiled in a recent article on Vice and claimed that poker actually helped him prepare for Oysters:

“I was first runner-up at the Dutch open. My best friend won; that was a crazy evening. Playing poker mostly made me more insightful and I learned to think analytically. With everything I see or do, I can think of ways to do it better.”

So basically when you’ve run out of fish online, it’s time to farm oysters.

2) Downton’s Maggie Smith Loves Seven-Card Stud

Sometimes the people who play poker surprise even us.

In a story with USA Today, Downton Abby star Jim Carter made a shocking revelation about one co-star who participates in “wild nights of poker.”

Apparently 81-year-old iconic actress Maggie Smith loves to play poker.

The entire crew of Downton Abby apparently got together to play the game. Check out this choice quote form Carter:

"We'd stay up till dawn and play seven-card stud. She'd be on the scotch. I'd be drinking brandy."

Pretty awesome.

Now she just needs an invite to that famous Willie Nelson game in Maui. Then again, maybe she's already played in it.

It seems Smith has always been a poker fan if you go by this photo from 1960:

3) Ivan Demidov Leaves Team PokerStars Pro

Ivan Demidov

The second biggest winner all-time in Russian poker has left PokerStars.

Ivan Demidov will no longer be rocking the PokerStars patch at poker tournaments around the world.

Apparently Demidov’s contract was up in 2015 and he decided not to renew it. It’s not clear if Demidov disagreed with PokerStars’ new policies or simply wasn’t in the company’s plans for the future.

Demidov had an interesting tenure as a PokerStars pro. One of the few Russians on the team Demidov wasn’t a one-hit wonder and actually finished third in the 2008 WSOPE Main Event for $608,995.

In recent years Demidov also made the startling revelation that his backers actually took all of the $5.8m he won for finishing second in the 2008 WSOP Main Event.

Demidov is just the latest pro in a long list of pros who have left/been dropped from the company including Isaac Haxton, Alex Millar and Leo Margets.

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