Daily 3-Bet: Kassouf v World, Poker + Peso, Best-Dressed Ron

(Un)justly vilified?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a ratty trench coat, an open bedroom window and just the right song for an afternoon poker news boombox serenade.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the end of the Main Event joyride, a poker window into the financial markets and the poker life of Ron Rindone.

1) The Opposite of Fun

Well ... whatever momentum the World Series of Poker Main Event coverage on ESPN had gained over the past few weeks it kinda went down the tubes last night.

Cliff Josephy IMG 9940
Out of line?

It started fantastically with a sick laydown by James Obst and a truly heart-dropping hand for Antoine Saout and WSOP first-timer Adam Krach.

Then, if the show had been a montage in a 1980s feel-good rom-com, the needle was dragged across the record and the fun came to a screeching halt.

The Will Kassouf show hit the tipping point among his tablemates and what had been an entertaining-if-polarizing storyline went south. Fast.

Kassouf took too much time making decisions, the pros turned into exasperated bullies, the TDs underwhelmed, the ESPN editors dragged it out terribly and the feature table (!) of poker's signature event with just 21 players left (!) became dreadfully un-fun.

Ugh. From the outside looking in it didn't seem Kassouf deserved the ire but regardless it wasn't a shining moment for a game hoping to build back some of that 2006-era gusto in the mainstream.

Watch both episodes below (at your own risk):

2) What Slavoj Žižek Would Say About Poker and Peso

Ever wanted to "get weird" and contemplate what Slovenian psychoanalytic philosopher Slavoj Žižek would say about poker and how it relates to the world's financial markets?

Bloomberg's Odd Lots podcast hosts Joe Weisenthal and Tracy Alloway sat down with Danish professor Ole Bjerg, author of Poker: The Parody of Capitalism, to do exactly that this week:

3) Ron Rindone, Poker-Playing Accountant

After that sad turn on the WSOP ESPN coverage had us all bummed out this morning, thankfully we came across this nice little feature in Chicago Magazine that turned our spirits around.

Rindone at bottom right (Photo: HPT)

The subject? 69-year-old poker playing accountant Ronald Rindone - aka Best-Dressed Ron - from Prospect Heights, Illinois.

He used to shoot pool, make bets with bookies and play poker in some guy's basement in the '60s. He earned $7k in the 2013 WSOP Seniors event.

And he finished 2nd in last year's Heartland Poker Tour Ameristar East Chicago main event for $74k.

He sounds like a guy you (and we) would like to play poker with:

“I don’t belong to a country club,” he says. “I don’t spend my money on theater tickets. The competition at the poker table is recreation for me.”

Read the full piece here.

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