Daily 3-Bet: Ivey Asks, Timex Answers, Clever Allen Cunningham

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a basic understanding of Java, an urn of coffee and the first beautiful lines of the perfect afternoon poker news algorithm.

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Today in the 3-Bet we continue to explore the open-ended mystery of Phil Ivey's social media accounts, Mike "Timex" McDonald spills the beans in his Reddit AMA and who knew Allen Cunningham was busy making poker bots?

1) Ivey Gets Charitable. Maybe?

So we know Phil Ivey's pulled his IveyPoker app off the market to re-tool it and we also know he's back to his winning ways in online poker.

What else has he been up to lately? Well, based on his various social media accounts he's watching a lot of soccer, celebrating with DJ Steve Aoki, contemplating swimming with crocodiles and looking for a charitable organization to donate to.

What's it all mean? We have no idea, although it does seem just random enough to actually be him posting these days, which is cool. His latest:

Check his Instagram account out for more random missives from the mind of poker's best player.

2) Timex Stares Down Reddit AMA; Struggles to Make Smoothie

Mike McDonald
Timex: stared down the infamous AMA.

Another of the best poker players in the world sat down for a beloved Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) yesterday.

The pro in the hot seat this time was Mike "Timex" McDonald - youngest EPT winner ever, almost its first-ever two-time champ and owner of one of the most initimidating stares in poker.

Save an hour break for a dentist appointment Timex stood and braved the firing line for a few hours with some interesting answers to a variety of questions both professional and personal. Among the highlights:

  • Used to walk 20 minutes every day to pay $0.25 less for worse pizza at lunch
  • Says the German guy who "basically backs half of the nosebleed community for super high rollers is about my age and the friendliest guy imaginable"
  • When at live tournaments he says he basically plays poker 40-60 hours a week and fills his remaining time "lifting and rock climbing."
  • Plays a lot of Prismata, Power Grid and Dominion outside of poker
  • Most he's lost is ~110k. Most he's won, $1.25 million
  • Andrew Lichtenbegrer is the best poker mind he knows
  • Trying to make a smoothie is the single most tilted he's ever been in his life.

Check the rest of his answers here.

3) Allen Cunningham Makes Poker AI?

Thanks to the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event and the lingering cries of Norman Chad in our ears, we will never not be fascinated by former Full Tilt Poker pro Allen Cunningham.

Who knew he was busy making some of the world's best Hold'em AI?

His two entries, CleverPiggy and Hibiscus Biscuit, more than held their own in the annual Computer Poker Competition last year even with CleverPiggy only losing one match.

He's still Allen Cunningham! More info and a chance to watch their matches here.

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