Daily 3-Bet: Gus Fleeced, Selbst Gets Justice, Agent Claudico

Gus Hansen
In Bridge? Really?

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a vulnerable side, a redoubled contract and a picture-perfect run of afternoon poker news overtricks.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Gus Hansen victimized in a growing Bridge scandal, Vanessa Selbst fights for justice and accountability and the full dossier on Agent Claudico, Poker AI.

1) Gus: "Like playing with open cards"

Think poker is the only card game exposed to malevolent hustlers and advantage players? The world of competitive Bridge - yes, that game your Grandparents play every Tuesday at the Seniors Center - is in the midst of a full-blown cheating scandal that may only get bigger.

Gus Hansen
More run bad for Gustav.

According to the Telegraph UK the scandal has been unfolding for the past month with two German players admitting to 'ethical violations' and two other teams suspected of cheating.

The allegations were brought to light by Norwegian Boye Brogeland, one of the world's highest-rated Bridge players, who claimed recent winners of events didn't play 'clean Bridge.'

An Italian team was accused of 'communicating illegally by placing their opening cards either vertically or horizontally according to whether they held good hands or not' - tantamount to a huge advantage.

How does Gus fit into this? In an interview on Danish TV he said he played the Italians in an annual Bridge tournament in Monte Carlo and that "it was almost like playing with open cards which made them almost unbeatable."

"They (the Italian couple) have been very unsympathetic every time I played against them so I cannot help to feel a bit happy about that they have been caught now."

Can Gus Hansen possibly run any worse in game selection? More from the Telegraph here.

2) Selbst Puts Cards on Table for Social Justice, Police Accountability

As we've said before there are countless reasons to admire Vanessa Selbst beyond just her incredible tournament resume and $11.6m in career earnings.

Out for Justice.

On top of her poker career she's not only graduated from Yale Law and passed the bar she's put her time and money re-investing in non-profits through her Venture Justice fund.

Included among those benefactors is Urban Justice Center, a NYC organization that gives free legal services to marginalized communities, which will receive 75% of the proceeds from her first-ever charity poker tournament, Blinds and Justice, next week.

The event will be held on Sept. 29 at Current on the Chelsea piers. The remainder of the proceeds will go to  herpolice accountability project.

Her generosity seems to know no bounds, either, as you could win a $1,000 buy-in just by retweeting this pic:

More on Selbst's expanding range of charitable work in a great article from the Observer here.

3) Agent Claudico, Expert Limper

We thought highly enough of the most sophisticated No-Limit Hold'em AI ever created to name it one of our eight Rising Star nominees for the 2015 Spirit of Poker Awards.

Screen shot 2015 09 24 at 11.42.09 AM
Exactly as we suspected.

The rest of you didn't see it that way as Claudico got exactly one vote registered for it.

Holding four of the best Heads-up NLHE specialists in the world to a "statistical tie," however much you disagree with that term, is still pretty fascinating to us, though.

If you're interested in a full breakdown of the First Man vs. Machine NLHE competition Sam Ganzfried, who was a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon at the time of the match, has done so in a very interesting paper.

We're not gonna lie: Almost all of it is practically indecipherable to our tiny brains (Try this sample: "For the pseudo-harmonic action translation mapping, in addition to showing that it outperforms the best prior approach in terms of exploitability in several games, we have also presented several axioms and theoretical properties that it satisfies; for example, it is Lipschitz continuous in A and B, and therefore robust to small changes in the actions used in the action abstraction") but it's still pretty amazing to meander through.

Two of our favorite takeaways: Claudico is referred to as the "agent," which is awesome. Claudico is also Latin for "I Limp," apparently. Awesome, also. Read the full paper here.

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