Daily 3-Bet: Grab Them WPT Cakes, Survivor GTO, Who Charted?

Anna Khait
We'd sign up for Survivor: GTO.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a long-sleeved shirt, a laminated cheat sheet and still zero clue what to do with AQ and 20 afternoon poker news BBs.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a seaside WPT brouhaha in Maryland, the evolution of Survivor strategy and a WSOP Main Event cheat sheet. 

1) Steve, Sylvia Claw to Top

For East Coast grinders in the US, there are few better spots than the Maryland Live! poker room between Baltimore and Washington, DC.

Darvin Moon
Maryland loc Darvin Moon unfortunately busto.

The room is beautiful, the action is steady and, when the WPT rolls into town, it goes up a notch altogether.

They're on to Day 2 at WPT Maryland Live! today with around 175 players left from a field of 554. Total prize pool is $1.7m which 63 players will share; first-place will pay $356,536.

Among the notables still in the hunt include duelling WSOP runner-ups in Steve Dannenman and Jesse Sylvia, both in the Top 10. Sylvia also has a ton of momentum from his huge WPT win just last week.

Unfortunately Maryland local and fan fav Darvin Moon couldn't make it a WSOP RU trio as he's already busto.

Ryan Riess, Darren Elias, Cate Hall and 2016 WSOP November 9er Jerry Wong are still in, though; follow their exploits on the WPT Live Updates.

For those who bust? There's always the delicious crab cakes:

2) Fourth Bet is Always a Double Immunity Idol

6570 Boston Rob Mariano Sweats Josh Arieh
Boston Rob and Josh Arieh

Sixteen years and 32 Seasons later it's almost impossible to remember just how little real "strategy" the first-ever castaways employed on Survivor: Borneo.

Richard Hatch dropped trou, Sue Hawk dropped some 'snakes and rats' science at the final tribal and that was pretty much it.

If you've watched the first couple episodes of Survivor: Gen X vs. Millenials this fall, like Josh Arieh has, you know the show is virtually unrecognizable from those days:

Poker pros have a somewhat suspect strategical track record on the show (save for Fatima Moreira de Melo's rip through Dutch Survivor) but at least we can relate to how much the game has changed - much like our own - in a relatively short time.

Next up: Survivor GTO strategy webinars hosted by Boston Rob, Arieh and Anna Khait? We'll keep an eye out.

3) No Cheat Sheets in a Hand, Please

Speaking of how much the game has changed ...

We won't spoil exactly who opens up this week's episodes of the WSOP Main Event on ESPN by pulling a literal Texas Holdem cheat sheet shove chart out during a hand.

Safe to say, though, we can't imagine that happening at a poker table 16 5 years ago - let alone when down to 80 players in the Main Event.

Ah. mazing. Watch the full episodes - which of course include another heavy dose of Will Kassouf #9highinglikeaboss - below:

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