Daily 3-Bet: GPL Draft Me, $7k Snickers Punt, 22 Minutes with Silje

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Silje Nilsen

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a cramped holding cell, a bag of fun-size Snickers and all the afternoon poker news you need to feel satisfied.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find the draftees lining up for the Global Poker League, a non-traditional route to poker superstardom and an in-depth visit with a poker Super Girl.

1) Draft Me!

So the first ever Global Poker League draft is coming up on Feb. 25 in Los Angeles and the list of eligible draftees, apparently, is getting good.

Sick, even, according to head honcho Alex Dreyfus:

Some intriguing names to throw their hats in? Fatima Moreira de Melo, Xuan Liu and Mustapha Kanit:

2) "Thugs Over Here, Poker Players Over Here"

Forty-seven-year-old Joe Reddick won the $1m GTD Deep Stack at the Borgata Winter Poker Open last week and pocketed $217,792 - a fine enough story in its own right.

As the New York Post explains, though, it's just the tip of Reddick's poker story iceberg. An ex-drug dealer who did 15 years in prison for dealing crack Reddick actually learned the game in lockup. And paid his dues in some pretty non-conventional currencies:

Joe Reddick (Photo: Borgata blog)

“I asked a guy who was running the game if I could play. I said, ‘But I don’t know how to play.’ He was like, ‘Oh, um, we’ll teach you as we go along.’


“I lost about $7,000 worth of Snickers bars. That’s how I learned ... We gambled anything that had value, from cans of tuna fish to sweat suits and tennis shoes.


"People were losing more than they were losing in county jail; they were losing thousands and thousands of dollars.”

As we (now) like to say here at PL, you're never really tested until you got all your cans of tuna in the middle. Despite the rough beginnings Reddick did say the poker players were a civilized bunch:

“They were just gentlemen. The thugs were over here, and the poker players were over here."

Now a certifiable poker pro Reddick says his next goal is to be the first African-American winner of the WSOP Main Event. Read the full piece here.

3) 22 Minutes with Silje Nilsen

We became enamoured with Norway's Silje Nilsen at the 2015 Battle of Malta and our admiration grew even further when she finished second to Felix Stephensen at the 2015 Norwegian National Championship.

It turns out her fellow Norwegians also find her pretty captivating as she's been featured on a new show called "Super Girls." It's 22 minutes all in Norwegian but you'll the gist. Watch by clicking on the image below:

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