Daily 3-Bet: GPL D-Day, Boyfriend-Girlfriend HU, Bay 101 Crickets

GPL Cube
Can't wait to see the Cube tho.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a cleared throat, some heavy mic feedback and an earnest round of applause at the afternoon poker news toastmasters meeting.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find an official launch date set for the Global Poker League, a strange twist of poker couplehood at the Eureka Poker Tour and a tough crowd for Shooting Stars at WPT Bay 101.

1) GPL Deploys April 5

We know the vision. We know the Managers. We know most of the team members. And we (loosely) know the format (online 6Handed + Online HU + Studio HU + Arena 3v3Poker).

Now we know when we can expect the first card to be dealt in the inaugural season of the Global Poker League.

We'll be watching. Most of the poker world will be watching.

Will anyone outside of the poker world be? We certainly hope so. And we're excited to find out in 27 days.

2) Luca/Lampropoulos Chop Eureka6 Main Event

We've profiled a few prominent poker couples over the years but we can't recall an instance where they ended up heads-up for a major poker tournament title.

That changed last night with Argentina's Ivan Luca and Maria Lampropoulos.

After making the final table together the two bobbed and weaved to three-handed play versus chip leader David Urban and finally, after four hours, dispatched him in third.

The two naturally made a chip-chop heads up to split the remaining €200k or so pretty evenly and left an extra €5k to play for. Officially, Luca claimed the title but it was really a win for poker love worldwide.

Full details from the PokerStars blog here.

3) Frankenberger, Salsberg Get Crickets

As we (and others) have said before, poker "stardom" is of variable degree both inside of the poker world and out.

Poker pro Andy Frankenberger is a former equity derivatives trader turned two-time World Series of Poker Champion & World Poker Tour Player of the Year.

He's also a WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star again this year, as he has been for a couple of years. Still not enough to get a rousing ovation from the crowd in San Jose during his intro, though:

Fortunately fellow former WPT Player of the Year Matt Salsberg was also a Shooting Stars and on hand to help him feel a little better:

Thankfully the ego blows didn't seems it didn't affect their play as both made it on to Day 2 today. Follow the two underappreciated heroes in the WPT Live Updates here.

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