Daily 3-Bet: Goodnight PCA, Full Tilt + Hearthstone, GPL TV

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at declining PCA prize pools, Full Tilt sponsoring a Hearthstone team and GPL joining up with Poker Central.

1) Will the PCA Return?

Last night Mike “SirWatts” Watson outlasted 928 players to win an impressive $728,325.

Poorya Nazari
Poorya Nazari winning $3m in the 2009 PCA.

The only thing is that it was technically the second lowest first-place prize ever awarded in the tournament and that was after lowering the buy-in to $5,000 from $10,000 this year.

Easily one of the most expensive tournaments that PokerStars runs every year you have to wonder if Amaya is taking a closer look at the viability of the flagship event than ever before.

The prize pool has definitely been trending the wrong way over the last few years:

2014: $10,070,000
2015: $7,915,000
2016: $4,500,000

It’s all a far cry from Poorya Nazari winning $3,000,000 in 2009.

If nothing else maybe PokerStars would consider moving it from the ultra expensive Atlantis Resort.

For our part we hope the PCA returns. Those waterslides never disappoint!

2) Full Tilt to Sponsor Hearthstone Team

Adrian Koy
Former poker pro Adrian "Lifecoach" Koy

Synergy. Can you dig it?

Poker and Hearthstone have been crossing over for years with poker players like Daniel Negreanu and ElkY professing their love for Hearthstone.

Now Full Tilt has decided to go one step farther and sponsor a pro Hearthstone team.

G2 eSports Hearthstone team Nihilum will now proudly wear a Full Tilt patch to all their events.

The team is made up of Lifecoach, Lothar, Rdu and Thijs. Interestingly Lifecoach (Adrian Koy) was a poker pro before turning to Hearthstone so the fit seems especially good.

Full Tilt has been doing some really interesting things lately and seems to be fully embracing the gaming world. Earlier this year the site announced it had been approved by the Steam Greenlight process to be listed on the uber-popular online game market.

In addition ESPN just launched an eSports division so there’s definitely something to the emerging market.

3) Poker Central to Air Global Poker League

Daniel Negreanu and GPL CEO Alex Dreyfus

Speaking of synergy.

The Global Poker League will air on 24/7 poker network Poker Central twice weekly beginning in April.

The two companies have been at the forefront of poker expansion over the last couple years so it makes sense they would team up to give people a chance to watch the inaugural season of the GPL.

Poker Central will also carry playoff matches and the GPL World Championships.

Episodes of the Global Poker League will air both live and pre-recorded via Poker Central’s streaming service that’s available on the new Apple TV, Xbox One, Roku TV and Amazon Fire.

Exciting stuff.

The first major GPL event is set to take place Feb. 25 with the official player draft in Los Angeles.

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