Daily 3-Bet: Galfond Leaks, Hellmuth Atrocity, Bilzerian Legend

Phil Hellmuth
Hellmuth daydreaming about next chance to break out the Versace.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is an infinity pool, a tray of champagne and a behatted Komodo dragon greeting you to the afternoon poker news VIP party.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Galfond dropping some free No-Limit Hold'em leak science, Phil Hellmuth commits an egregious fashion crime in San Francisco and the legend of playboy/poker pro Dan Bilzerian continues to grow.

1) Galfond's Greatest Hits for Free!

We've espoused the "whenever you can get free advice from Phil Galfond, take it" philosophy many times and, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, we're saying it again today.

Phil Galfond
Galfond: Knows things we don't.

When Phil Galfond  - one of the greatest poker minds in the world - offers up his expertise in any form of poker, jump on it.

It might not be completely relevant to your particular game and stakes, but there's always, always something to learn.

Galfond's up to his generous ways again this week as part of the one-year anniversary of his training site RunitOnce.

For a limited time he's putting three of his most popular videos, as voted on by fans, out into the world for free.

Yesterday's was on "Leaks Hiding in Plain Sight" in your Hold'em game and is available for another 10 hours and counting - find it right here.

Today's will be on PLO. Vote for it/get it here right now!

2) Hellmuth Envy Quickly Eroded by Versace Shirt

We don't often feel envious of Phil Hellmuth around here but we felt a small twinge last night while watching the Golden State Warriors-Toronto Raptors game.

As the Warriors came back from a 27-point deficit in the second half to win by eight we caught a glimpse of Hellmuth sitting courtside with GSW owenr Joe Lacob and thought, "yeah, that'd be nice."

Then we caught up with Hellmuth's Twitter feed this morning and saw these pictures of him in his Versace shirt - which he paid dearly for. All better.


3) Bilzerian Legend Grows, Baby Bengal Tiger Involved


If you're a Dan Bilzerian fan things these have been heady days as your hero seems to be all the rage right now.

Bilzerian's been in and out of the press for his various gun-toting, boob-adoring exploits for years but since posting a pic of his cash pile from his piece of Jay Farber in the Main Event (and having his beard stroked on ESPN) mainstream media have been all over the poker playboy's story.

Profiles in the Daily Mail UK, news.com.au and on The Daily Dot have all appeared to add fuel to the Bilzerian fire - although likely not any more fuel than Bilzerian's own Twitter/Instagram feeds which have, in the past couple days alone, involved:

  • Sitting with $13 million at a poker table and winning $10.8m
  • Plenty of shots of topless/near naked women in various groupings/locales
  • Jay Farber holding a baby Bengal Tiger. No, seriously. See for yourself below.
  • An offer to bitch slap poker pro William Reynolds for being a jealous c u next Tuesday

If Bilzerian either plays himself or bankrolls Farber into the One Drop this year we could singlehandedly see the rebirth of televised poker. Some of his latest posts below.


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cassiecc 2013-12-04 22:27:31

That's the ugliest fucking shirt I've ever seen

Brian 2013-12-04 22:26:31

can't figure out whats worse hellmuths shirt or farbers tattoos

Hank 2013-12-04 22:25:32

Quite the life to be surrounded at all times by paid-for skanks. What a hero.

hugh 2013-12-04 22:24:48

that can't be legal to have a bengal tiger cub can it?

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