Daily 3-Bet: FullFlush Bags 500, Glantz Rags FTP, Negreanu’s Closet

Luke Schwartz Sandwich EPT London
Luke Schwartz: The UK's Jared from Subway.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a freewheeling sidecar ride through the backed-up traffic of the poker news world.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find sandwich lover Luke Schwartz taking down a big Sunday tourney, Matt Glantz teeing off on his friends at Full Tilt and Daniel Negreanu heading into the closet.

1) Luke “FullFlush1” Schwartz Bags Sunday 500, Wins $70k

Luke Schwartz

Last time we caught up with Luke Schwartz he was busy savouring a sandwich at EPT London.

This past Sunday, Schwartz was busy getting back to doing the other thing he's been known for – winning big online poker tournaments.

Schwartz, a former Sunday Million winner and legend playing the huge cash games at Full Tilt under the name _FullFlush1_, took down the PokerStars 500 on Sunday for a tidy $68,815.71.

Playing under the screen name lb6121, Schwartz topped 860 players and took the lion’s share of the $430,000 prize pool after making a deal with runner-up Peter “Se7enTr3y” Akery.

Schwartz beeat out several notables in the final run-up to the title including former EPT London champ David Vamplew, who finiished 7th, Kyle "KJulius10" Julius who finished 11th (and won the Sunday Million that day) and Mike "SirWatts" Watson who finshed 14th.

With just a semi-overlooked appearance on the Dan Cates cash-game in Prague recently, we hope this means more of Schwartz on the scene in the coming months.

2) Glantz Tees Off on Full Tilt Poker Silence

Calling out young players in a New Year's post to step up and take responsibility in poker, poker pro Matt Glantz is putting his money his mouth is and doing the same.

Matt Glantz
Can't stand by anymore.

In a new post Glantz fires directly at his Full Tilt pro friends about their continued silence and says he can't defend them anymore.

An excerpt:

“To my friends at FTP:

“Through your tough times I have been one of your few defenders, both publicly and privately. I find it impossible to take that stance any longer.  

“Your continued public silence is a disgrace. It is not only irresponsible, but also thoughtlessly unfair to the thousands of poker players who have money tied up in your ongoing debacle.  

“Friendships aside, I feel it would be disingenuous to defend the persons involved any longer. At this point, there is nothing short of full disclosure regarding player funds that would change this opinion.”

Glanz goes on to say he realizes the silence is likely by their lawyers' request and repayment out of their control, but pleads for someone to break ranks and speak out as it's the honorable thing to do.


3) Negreanu Goes Into the Closet

Speaking of prominent pros that have called out Full Tilt publicly, Daniel Negreanu is again in the 3-Bet spotlight this week - but not for his views on FTP.

This time it's for his choices in movie making.

Negreanu has recently discovered the joys of video blogging and is making use of it to give his fans a closer look into his day-to-day life.

Only issue at this point seems to be finding good material to make videos about.

His latest effort – his first foray into iMovie and recognized as "cheesy" by Negreanu himself – is a look into his closet. Like his clothes-closet closet.

We’re excited where this video project might take Negreanu, though (hello backyard shed), so stay tuned.

Check out Negreanu's closet below:

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