Daily 3-Bet: Friends Play Poker, $100m Pot, Snakebit Warne

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The One With All the Poker.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at that famous poker episode on the sitcom Friends, some Hollywood poker gossip and Shane Warne’s scary incident on reality TV.

1) The “Friends” Game Was Real

Pocket kings
Poker: The greatest icebreaker of all.

There’s a famous episode of the ‘90s sitcom Friends where the gang sits down to play a game of poker.

It was a standout episode for a show that was still finding its footing. It was also one of the biggest pop culture references of the game at the time.

Well it turns out the entire cast actually played poker together before that episode ever aired.

As part of a reunion special on NBC this week, Lisa Kudrow told the audience that director James Burrows actually sat them all down in a dressing room and forced them to play poker.

The idea was that the cast would bond and become more comfortable with each other.

It apparently worked as the show would go on to become one of the most successful sitcoms in history with an imitable chemistry between the cast.

Not bad for a card game.

2) Celebs Chased from Hollywood Home Games

$100m pot too big for actors?

The Hollywood Reporter published a fantastic piece this week about NYPD, Deadwood co-creator David Milch who gambled away millions at the race track.

It’s a great piece and you should just read the whole thing here.

We were particularly interested in a side bit about the Hollywood home game scene, however.

The article of course mentioned Tobey Maguire’s famous game at the Viper Room but also covered what happened after those games came to an end.

…Their bets paled beside those of some really high-stakes gamblers, according to a regular on the gambling circuit. In one game alone, attended by an L.A.-based investor, the pot rose to $100 million. "Everyone was out of the game except the billionaires," says the insider.


Now we’re going to assume $100m was in play and not in a single pot but however you slice it that’s an enormous game.

More details please.

3) Shane Warne Gets Chomped by an Anaconda

Cricket legend Shane Warne hasn’t been that involved in poker over the last couple years but that’s not going top stop us from showing you this clip.

The former 888poker ambassador appeared on an episode of “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Australia” and ended up getting bitten by an Anaconda in a trial.

That’s right, Warne was bit by a snake. It was a scary incident and he was treated with anti-septic for his bite but actually continued with the contest. Proper Aussie right there.

You can watch it below:

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