Daily 3-Bet: Flushy Crushes, Dryrish Open, EpicFail.com

Annie Duke
Epic D'oh.

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a heartwarming, Rudy-esque charge through the tunnel into the afternoon poker news stadium.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find James Dempsey collecting large at iSeries Live, Irish Open bustees short-stacked on drinking options and another sad accounting of the Epic Poker League meltdown.

1) James “Flushy” Dempsey Crushes iSeries, Hellmuth Out First

The first-ever iSeries Live event is in the books with Brit James “Flushy” Dempsey the sole survivor and €100k richer for winning the 10-player winner-take-all SNG.

James Dempsey
Dempsey: Flush with $100k

Dempsey used a big AA v. KK cooler early on vs. Faraz Jaka to pad his stack and rode it all the way to the end, knocking out Dave "Devilfish” Ulliott heads-up.

Mario Ho finished third and Carlos Mortenson fourth, but all received the exact same payout as the rest of the bustees – zero.

The first player to go? Phil Hellmuth, who looked set to bust Ulliott early in a QQ v. 66 matchup before Devilfish spiked a six on the flop.

Hellmuth was short and busted soon after when his AQ lost a flip to Daniel Negreanu’s 99s, pleasing all who bet on Phil for first out.

Negreanu didn’t last much longer, busting in eighth, but it was enough to pay out on his last longer with Hellmuth.

As mentioned, the event was the first of its kind with a live stream and commentary plus live bets on the players and action. By all accounts - including agent Brian Balsbaugh – it was a grand success with numbers exceeding expectations.

Find a full recap of the day's action here.

2) Irish Open Underway, Booze in Limited Supply

Ireland officially has two days where the sale of alcohol is “banned” - Good Friday and Christmas Day.

Daniel Negreanu
Playing in Dublin, possibly still waiting for luggage.

It being Ireland, however, there have been some carveouts made.

Exempted from the ban: those travelling by sea, air or ferry, attending a licensed theatre, race meeting or greyhound trial (wtf?) and those staying in licensed premises, such as a hotel, as long as they are drinking with a meal.

So what does that mean for the 2012 Irish Open just underway in Dublin? We’re guessing not much, although players might be stuck in the hotel bar with a plate of untouched food beside their bustout drinks.

Poker players are known to carry a lot of cash and get what they want, however, so we'll see.

Given the iSeries debut yesterday and several US players already in Europe, the starting list for this year's Open is surprisingly power packed with Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Faraz Jaka, Maria Ho and Kevin MacPhee on the felt.

Plenty of UK greats are in action too including Matt Perrins, Toby Lewis, Jude Ainsworth and Eoghan O’Dea.

Watch the feature table live stream here.

3) $8m Debt, $37k Income, 100+ URLs Cap Epic Meltdown

Yesterday, CardPlayer Magazine published an in-depth look at Epic Poker’s bankruptcy papers filed in Maryland court and the numbers aren’t pretty to say the least.

In fact the most recent Statement of Financial Affairs filed by Federated Sports and Gaming actually shows the company is in even worse shape than reported - which is hard to believe.

According to the documents the company's liabilities level out around $8 million while its total income was just $37,052. That’s not a misprint.

Five FS +G executives were also paid more than $1 million including $300k for Annie Duke and $225k for Jeffery Pollack. Well over six figures was expensed as well.

While that was illuminating, also included in the filing is a list of the 100+ domain names FS+G registered in its quest for future keyword domination.

It’s both entertaining and prescient. Partial list below:

Jeffrey Pollack
  • 3picpoker.com
  • brunsoncup.com
  • epicamateurcircuit.com
  • epicamateurleague.com
  • epicannieduke.com
  • epicbadugi.com
  • epiccasino.com
  • epiccraps.com
  • epicfailpokerleague.com
  • epicfailurepoker.com
  • epiclottery.com
  • epicpokerfail.com
  • epicpokerfailure.com
  • epictruthbooth.com
  • epicwagers.com
  • federalpokerleague.com and of course
  • fuckepicpoker.com

Full list of urls in the documents here.

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