Daily 3-Bet: Farber TMZ'd, Cada Caution, Hamrick Magic

$5 Million Dollar Man Jay Farber

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Today in the 3-Bet we find 2013 WSOP Main Event runner-up Jay Farber living the celeb life, former WSOP Main Event champ Joe Cada with some words of caution for Ryan Riess and we figure out the secret to going deep in the Main Event - knowing (or being) Dean Hamrick.

1) Farber to TMZ: I'm Buying a Ferrari. And an Aston Martin

To everyone who thinks ESPN has "ruined" poker over the last few years here's either the perfect example for or against that theory, depending on what you think is good for the game.

2013 WSOP runner-up Jay Farber took a quick side trip to LA at the behest of Justin "BoostedJ" Smith and Larry Flynt last night and got the TMZ papparazzi treatment when he pulled up to celeb Chef José Andrés restaurant (click for video):


They clearly weren't camping out for Farber per se, and they definitely didn't know much about poker, but they knew he had some media juice at the moment at least.

Farber later spent the evening hanging out with porn stars Jesse Jane and Nikki Benz and will be on the TMZ radio show this afternoon, so, yeah. If that's your bag, finishing second in the Main Event will open some doors for you now. Oh, what might have been Martin Staszko...!

2) Cada to Riess: Be Careful Who You Trust

Joe Cada
Make sure you trust your waverunner salesman.

If there's anyone who literally understands what it's like to be in Ryan Riess's shoes, it's Joe Cada.

Both from Michigan, both both scoring $8 million or so at a very young age ... in fact it feels a bit like déjà vu now that we think about it. And he definitely gets what happens next:

“He’s gonna be overwhelmed a lot with a lot of people coming to him, pulling him in different directions,” Cada told the Detroit News.

“You gotta be really careful who you trust. A lot of people are looking to steal, or steer you in the wrong direction. Choose your friends wisely and listen to the people you’re listening to very carefully.”

As for Cada, when he bought a house, a couple of waverunners and a condo in Canada where he still grinds some online poker. He also dabbled with a restaurant/bar called Cada’s Poker & Sports Grill, which is now closed and which may be part of what he's alluding to with the "wrong direction" thing.

Still, not all that much has changed for him. “I have the same clothes I wore in high school,” he said.

3) So, When Can We Hang Out with Dean Hamrick?

Dean Hamrick
The secret to Main Event success?

We've profiled some of the more successful poker hotbeds before but we didn't mention the Detroit/East Lansing area, which we're now thinking might have been a major oversight.

With two Main Event winners and a 10th-place ME finisher in just five years (!), we're starting to think there might be something in the water besides old, stringless flying V guitars.

The common thread between those two ME winners? That ME bubble boy we mentioned, Dean Hamrick, who is a Ryan Riess confidant/investor as well as friend to Cada. He also has a WSOP bracelet of his own, no less.

Is he the secret to going deep in the Main Event? According to him he's still got a long way to go, but we might hedge our bets and invite him to our home game anyway:

Dean, if you're free we play on Wednesdays.

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