Daily 3-Bet: EPT 100 Dazzle, Average JoePL, Trust in Donald

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The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is a telephone-pole flyer, an open casting-call and a recurring role on the afternoon poker news soap opera.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find a swag-filled final 100 in the EPT Barca main event, an intriguing proposition for the GPL and a Donald you can believe in.

1) Bryn, Nic, JKoon and More

The record-setting, "last ever" EPT Barcelona Main Event has shrunk to just over 100 players and has hit the last level of Day 3.

Among those 100 players are a pretty spectacular group of names/talent that include Jason Mercier, Bryn Kenney, Jason Koon, Ronny Kaiser, Harrison Gimbel, Erik Friberg, Konstantin Puchkov, Sam Grafton, Gaëlle Baumannn ...

And we could go on. Better to just steer you right to the live stream so you can watch it all for yourself.

On the feature table right now are the delightfully swaggy Bryn Kenney, the indomitable Nicolas Chouity and another former EPT champ in Michael Eiler. 90 minutes left for the day - get it while it's hot!

2) Poker's Best Minds and, errr, Mack?

The Global Poker League has taken a bit of a break in its inaugural season to tweak the product a little but this user-suggested idea might really flip things on its ear if introduced:

We would watch that. A lot of that. Also: it worked for the Portland Mavericks, so why not?

3) This Donald Knows of What He Speaks

No, not that Donald. He's a delusional sociopath.

The "other" Donald - aka d7o1d1s0, an online grinder from the UK who did a pretty solid job of illuminating the current state of making a living via the Internet pokers for a short video bit on the BBC. Take a watch below:

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